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Learn to forget, let others go, let yourself go

2021-09-01 16:29:49 Life journey

Life has too many unbearable , Every thought will make you sad and haggard ;

There are too many losses in life , Every time you pick it up, you will have no choice but to sigh ;

There are too many misses in life , Each attack will make you feel dejected and full of tears ......

Everyone will have many painful and unforgettable memories , They will crawl into your mind for countless nights , Make you toss and turn and can't sleep .

Those missed opportunities 、 Irreparable love 、 A painful betrayal . Everything will hurt your fragile nerves , Touch your sensitive heartstrings , Let you sink into the quagmire of memory .

Life seems to be filled with the present , Poetry and distance can only be extravagant expectations .

The ancients said “ Life is nine times out of ten ”, Maybe this is the norm of life , To make yourself happy , Forgetting is the best choice .

Forget the people and things that make you unhappy , Past quarrels , Past misunderstandings , The confusion of the past , Past helplessness , Past emotions , Say goodbye to them !

Make them a thing of the past , Drift with the wind , Let them flow with the running time , Never More .

There is no trouble in the world that cannot be forgotten , There is no undiluted sadness . Learned to forget , I learned to forgive , Learned to be relieved .

I hope you can take off all the burden of life , Let the flowing time wash away all the troubles and worries , Face the future life calmly , Let the ordinary years pass through your clear and bright eyes .

Forget everything you should , Don't keep it in mind , Don't try to catch the departing train , This will only make you chase farther and farther ; Don't step into yesterday's mud , This will only get you deeper and deeper ; Don't pick up the sadness of the past , This will only make your shoulders heavier and heavier .

Walked through a place , That landscape will no longer belong to you ; Missed a person , That person has nothing to do with you since then .

Know how to put down the burden in time , Put down the previous unhappiness and sadness , Face everything calmly , Write an ordinary life into a poem , Don't ask for majestic clouds and flowing water , No need for erudite and more to be brilliant , But for peace and calm .

Learn to forget , Let go of others , Let go of yourself !

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