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When I was free, I began to think.

2021-09-01 16:45:37 Life journey

Today is the first day of formal shutdown 27 days , Although I went to and from work intermittently , The rest of the time in the bedroom , Walk between two points in the canteen , At most, I'll take a walk in the factory , I have more free time , Play the game , There is more time to watch TV , I have more free time , Just start thinking .

- Where does the career stand ? The time node of thirty is not far away , What career can make me settle down ?

- Where to put the family ? When I was young, I wanted to get married , And when you get older , More and more pessimistic about marriage , The desire for family happiness is still , But I'm less and less confident about the trifles of my marriage years , The idea of not wanting to get married is growing , Of course not , Where can we go to develop marriage ? This is also the main reason why my mother lets me go home every day .

- I came to the world , What kind of experience and cognition do you want to have ? What kind of life do you want ? alas , Who knows? ? That is, trapped in one place , To think East and West . I don't know when I can return to work .

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