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How terrible is Scorpio?

2021-09-01 16:49:56 Photography

Today, I took a walk with my colleagues , She answered a friend's phone , I joked to her like one of my classmates “ When you introduce me to others , Just say I'm your colleague ? So our relationship is like this .”

She's on the phone , Didn't answer me back . After hanging up, she told me “ When you say that , I paused .” I said I was joking , But she was still stunned for a long time .

I explained “ I have a friend , scorpio , Very vengeful . Once on the phone , Someone nearby asked me who she was , I introduced my colleague , After listening, she shouted on the other end of the phone. In your heart, I'm your friend, right .” I was wearing headphones , The people around me didn't hear , I'm the only one who's embarrassed , I blushed a little , Then he continued to tear aside the topic and chat with his classmates .

In the next few days, when she chatted with me, she would mention that I called her classmate , Although I don't want to talk to her normally , She can't help her strange tone .

I always think that the name of my classmates is not ironic , Maybe it's because our relationship has surpassed our classmates , But I will still say it very smoothly when I introduce it , But this is by no means a factor affecting the relationship , If it goes on like this , It makes communication more difficult .

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