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Ancient style. Immortal house

2021-09-01 16:50:21 Life journey

( Fairyland )

writing / chrysanthemum

The roof is quiet and the wild geese are strange ,

Xingyan Xiongzhi gongyuxi ;

Hebi has thousands of peaks and emerald looks ,

Lin Cong and Zhu Xiu live in Xianju .

【 Chinese new rhyme 】 Twelve Qi

( Xin Chou lived in Xianju mountain in eastern Zhejiang in the summer )

【 Xianrenju 】 Xianju County ; mountainous , Known as the “ Eight mountains, one water and one field ” The said . The peaks in the area are emerald , The valley is deep , Clear current and rapids , Lin Maoshan shallot . The depth of the existing roof , There are also wild geese .

Enjoy with it , For insight !

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