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You'll be relieved after reading it

2021-09-01 16:52:58 Photography

See a lot of people , But you can't tear it down at will , Hate a lot of people , But you can't turn your face easily , Life is to force yourself to accept , Flattered but not surprised .

Mice never think what they eat is stolen, nor do flies think they are dirty , Bats don't feel poisonous , After all, in the world of crows , Swans are also guilty .

The more you grow up, the more you understand , As we grow older , People will always be more and more tolerant , So many things are not really solved in the end , But forget it .

Thought is not at a high level, there is no need to conquer each other , You don't believe in Buddhism , There's no shortage of people in temples who offer incense .

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