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Encounter stray cats

2021-09-01 16:53:16 Photography

Just now I went downstairs to throw rubbish , See a cat squatting next to the dustbin , It's the short gray black , The face looks a little dirty , Look at the eyes and feel a little timid , It shouldn't be domesticated .

Afraid to disturb it , I gently put the garbage into the dustbin , Then I hurried to the nearby express station , There is a small shop , I think there should be something to eat .

I bought a big ham sausage for three yuan , Then came out , not so bad , It hasn't run yet , People come and go around , It's a little scared , Hid under a car , No matter what I call it, it won't come out .

Finally unscrewed the ham sausage , I gave it the most part it could tear , Help it break open , Put it on the cement table by the side of the road , say :“ The cat , I put it here for you , Come out and eat , I'm leaving .” Then I walked away quietly , I don't know whether it came from instinct or understood me ,“ sou ” Run out from under the car , Picked up the sausage and ran away .

This meal , It should be full , I hope it's good luck .

I still have half a short ham sausage left in my hand , Can't open , Forget it , Take it back and give it to the cubs .

It's good to have a home

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