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2021-09-01 16:57:44 Photography

        It is said that “ A man depends on his clothes and a horse on his saddle ”, That's the important role of clothes .

        The role of clothes is the importance of packaging . Look at what we buy , occasionally , You may not have bought that thing , It's the package . The exquisite packaging has deeply attracted people's attention , Touched people's hearts .

        The ancients have an ancient story about buying a pearl , This shows the importance of packaging . Because the Pearl box is so beautiful 、 Too delicate , So that I ignored the precious beads in the box . It is not only the Chinese who value external packaging , Similarly, , Maupassant, France 《 The necklace 》, Mathilde's valuation for an exquisite necklace box , The couple paid off their debt for ten years .

Now this society , It pays more attention to the beauty of appearance . Look at the selfie controllers , Just look at your appearance, not others . They think that with beauty, they have everything . Chinese clothes can wrap a person , Cosmetics can beautify a person .

The heart of beauty is in everyone's heart , It's perfectly understandable that people want clothes . Now? , Even our house needs clothes !

Look at our ancient city . After years of packaging , The ancient city of Xinhua is already decent . Every old house is in the skillful hands of the decorator , All become antique , Beautiful . More than half of the old city has been renovated . Don't go out for a few days , Xinhua Street is different .

Also don't say , An old broken house , A whole , New and beautiful . The key is also superior . There was no eaves before , Add... To the pile , The corners are cocked up , Brush into ancient green bricks , It's a decent ancient building .

I still prefer Chinese architectural style , This package is artistic . I saw , Give people beautiful enjoyment .

The house should also “ clothing ” Pretend ! Packaging is an art , Add surprises to our lives !

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