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Treasure of life / a self photographed cat

2021-09-01 17:00:15 Photography

A selfie cat

        I accidentally found the kitten after lunch today , Lying on the lawn leisurely basking in the sun .

        Suddenly want to pat the kitten , There is no composition or angle , Just while the cat didn't run away, he clicked madly . When I came back to check the picture, I found that this picture looked like a cat taking a selfie , Super cute . Today is a source of happiness get! Hair in Douban also harvested some praise , Someone else took it to make a avatar , Because sharing , Happiness doubled !

        Life is a friend who always secretly hides happiness in a corner where it is difficult for us to find , Each of us is a treasure hunter with a treasure map but often finds nothing . But please don't give up looking for the treasure hidden in life , As your friend , He won't hide too tightly , So that you can't find it .

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