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I am the one who has the whole world

2021-09-01 17:00:19 Photography

Some people say that cats know the existence of God , And the dog doesn't know . Dogs think humans are God , Cats don't think so . Cats know that God is just a fake hand , So it's not that they lack affection for humans , But it is only willing to give loyalty to the God unknown to mankind .

Maybe that's why , When a cat looks at me , From its green eyes , I can't feel a trace of warmth . It doesn't have me in its eyes , It just penetrates me , It's just looking at the nothingness of God .

Cats and dogs are not a family , So it's hard to get into a house . I always regard the dog as my life partner ,get Less than the loveliness of a cat , But I still think they are beautiful creatures , It's just beautiful and gloomy 、 It's cold , And a little sneaky , It makes me stay away .

The Red Dragonfly hovering in the air , The original head was covered with a half helmet with full metal texture , The big compound eyes of the Yellow Dragonfly are like two chicken oil red beeswax , And the tree frog hiding on the trunk of Sapium sebiferum , The grey starling that perches on papaya at dusk and croaks and always comes to steal vegetables … I don't like you very much , But I also admit that you are all beautiful creatures , I stare at you with kind eyes .

“ If you look at everything with love , Everything is beautiful ; If you can enjoy the cat 、 bird 、 The existence of flowers , It can only be said , You will have the whole world ⋯”. I was lucky , I am the one who has the whole world .

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