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Just for yourself

2021-09-01 17:03:42 Life journey

Today Friday , The week's holiday is over , It's too fast , Take the children out to play every day , Went to the Museum 、 Art Gallery 、 park 、 Amusement Park , And rowed , Watched the show , Ate delicious , These summer holidays are a complete success .

There is a clear provision for paid leave every day , But always don't let rest finish , It's good to take a few days off . Spend every day at work , No innovation 、 Don't do something to the country 、 Something meaningful to the nation , Fight every day , I don't know when this day will come to an end .

I know some people don't live like this , Some people say why don't you keep up with the good , I have to take myself in . But sometimes the environment has a great impact on people , Able to overcome the environment , Concentrate on yourself , This requires strong will and determination .

You only need to do your part for eight hours every day , After work, all the time is at my disposal . Maybe I didn't plan my time , That's why I'm influenced by rotten people .

In the final analysis, we should enrich ourselves , It's good to read , It's good to write , As long as there is something to do , Just make yourself feel alive .

To do something meaningful is to live well , To live well is to do a lot of meaningful things . Then go find what you think is meaningful and do it , Sometimes doing things is also a way of practice .

The end of the holiday , I'm going back to work next week , Even if you hate , Disgust again , Worry again , Don't want to go back , There's no way , Because you don't have the courage to resign .

therefore , You still have to have fun , Make yourself better , Be more comfortable , Make sense .

My meaning and value are not very important to anyone , Because I don't live in their hearts , They are them , I am I , I'm within my boundaries , No one is allowed to come in and invade , Then they can't just come in , I won't covet other people's territory , therefore , You give yourself a sense of security , You are safe , Otherwise, don't talk about everything .

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