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2021-09-01 17:04:13 Photography

Today I saw a famous anchor on the Internet saying :“ A person often buys cheap things , It will bring bad luck .”

This a , Various comments from netizens . There is something to help analyze , There is a direct connection , There are people who disagree , And soy sauce . Throw out a point of view , It must have been thought , But sometimes his thinking is superficial , Or purposeful , in any case , This is all a point of view .

in my opinion , The material level is the same as the spiritual level , It can't be simply measured by high and low . I spend a few days reading a Book “ The great gatsby ”, You spent hours reading some entertainment news , This cannot be compared horizontally . Wei Shen of Peking University holds some white steamed bread and white water in his hand , But what is in my mind is precious knowledge .

The starting point is different , Views are naturally different , Different levels , Different measures , Different ideas . Who is taller than Mount Everest ? Naturally, different people have different opinions .

Laugh at the idea of disapproval ,“ But everything is laughed off , What's the point ?”, EH , Life is full of paradoxes !

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