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The summer vacation is almost over, and my morning exercise has just begun

2021-09-01 17:04:20 Photography

To sum up my summer vacation, it is to accomplish nothing . At the beginning, I had a whim to learn from ukri , But after playing for a few days, it was abandoned , I didn't practice calligraphy well , It's no fun to go out for a trip during the holiday . Get up at 9:10 every day and have something to eat , I had lunch at noon and had a lunch break until 4:5 , Then find a colleague to take a walk in the market , When I came back for dinner, I sat down and went upstairs to sleep . Every day , So every day .

I went to bed early these days , Get up and wake up early , Usually wake up and watch all kinds of hot searches , If you are tired, lie down for a while , This day , Maybe you want to make a change in your mind , I got up, put on my sneakers and went upstairs .

It's more than six , It's getting brighter , I walked slowly in the open space upstairs , Clouds in the sky , The oncoming wind , The view in the distance , These pleasant feelings can't be given by lying in bed or watching your mobile phone . Even if it's not for exercise , It's also good to come up and take a look at another scene .

I'll come up and blow the wind when I have leisure in the afternoon , Water the vegetation upstairs , Then lie down in the chair for a while , I can listen to the audio , Watch the sun set or just lie down and think about something , Or do nothing and don't want to , Looking at the leaves moved by the wind in a daze , I feel very relaxed .

Although the holiday is coming to an end , But a few days before the end , I seem to have started another state of life , I go to bed early and get up early , I'm active in sports , I want to improve , I'm going to change , To understand the past without remonstrating , The pursuit of the knower , The past is something I can't change even if I can't let go of it , So now I want to start a new beginning .

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