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Should I charge?

2021-09-01 17:10:11 Life journey

today , Colleagues take us 5 I went to her relative's orchard to pick longan . I thought it was free , I bought big and small bags of gifts and took them with me . result , An action of colleagues and relatives before leaving , It embarrassed us .

Several of our colleagues who have a good relationship make it easy to contact , Built a wechat group , What activities do you usually have , Just say hello in the group , I'm sure you'll respond .

see , A local colleague said in the group last night , Her relatives have a good harvest of longan this year , Let her pick longan to eat . She asked if we were going . Let's listen to , They are all going to .

therefore , This morning, , Colleagues take us 5 A man set out in two cars .

Sorry to go empty handed , We went to the supermarket and bought a big bag of snacks 、1 A box of imported beer 、1 A carton of milk and 1 A box of apple cider vinegar drinks , Together, it took about 400 element . We 5 Everyone 80 element , Don't let your colleagues pay .

Road , The colleague said the relative was her cousin , Contracted an orchard in the countryside . At first, my cousin borrowed her 5 Thousands of dollars , She didn't ask for interest , So my cousin sent her some home grown fruits every year 、 Raised walking chicken . This year's longan harvest , Cousin is too busy , No time to send , Just let her pick it by herself .

Colleagues and relatives are not far from the city , We talked and laughed all the way , Soon I got there .

My colleague introduced us to my cousin , My cousin is very enthusiastic , He quickly took out the iced watermelon and longan from the refrigerator to entertain us . Also don't say , The watermelon and longan are so sweet !

My cousin asked us to stay for lunch , Try your own local chicken . then , She asked her cousin to accompany us to visit the orchard and pick fruit , She went to cook .

Also don't say , Her orchard is really big , There are several kinds of fruit trees . Now is the harvest season of longan , I saw that the longan trees were covered with dense fruits , It's very gratifying .

My colleagues gave each of us a basket , Let's pick freely .

It was not long before , We'll go home with a full load .

My cousin has cooked dinner , Just ask us to sit down and eat . Although the dishes are not as exquisite as the hotel , But the most important thing is that the ingredients are really fresh , And full of weight , Every dish is a big plate . There are braised ground chicken 、 Steamed fish 、 Scrambled egg with tomato 、 stir-fried smoked pork , There are also sweet soup made of longan and papaya . We ate with relish , be profuse in praise . At the table , happy .

After dinner, , We're going home , At this time, the cousin brother-in-law of a colleague came out with an electronic scale and a collection QR code and said :“ The fruit shops outside are 12 element / Jin , We're much fresher than theirs , You are cousin's friends , Then press 8 element / Jin .”

We looked at each other , Colleagues also showed a trace of embarrassment on their faces , But I didn't say anything . We put the longan in the plastic bag one by one to weigh . Although there are not many strings of longan in the bag , But there is 30 Pounds or so . My brother-in-law said the change didn't count , each 200 Yuan bar . So we scanned the code to pay .

Colleagues should also take their share and weigh it , My brother-in-law doesn't agree with anything . Finally we left with something .

On the way back , A relaxed and pleasant atmosphere , Everyone was silent .

A long time , Frank Liu Shuang broke the silence :“ I thought we were here to pick fruit for free , I also feel embarrassed , I suggest you buy something with , So you're helping your relatives sell longan !”

“ Yeah , Also said to give us a discount . If it's cheaper than the fruit store , But we all know that the rent of fruit shops is high , Fruit is expensive , Who usually goes where to buy fruit ? Don't we all go to the stalls in the vegetable market to buy ! I bought several catties of longan two days ago , They grow their own seeds and sell them in the city , Retail price 5 A pound for a buck ! It's cheaper to buy more !” Another colleague took over the conversation .

I secretly glanced at my colleagues , She looked ugly , A burst of red, a burst of white , His mouth opened , But I didn't say a word .

“ Forget it , Buy it and buy it . Her family has a good variety of longan , It's a small nucleus and a lot of meat , It's sweet .” I want to ease the awkward atmosphere , Pretend to say easily . therefore , Everyone stopped talking .

When you're apart , My colleague sent each of us a red envelope , She said she invited everyone to eat longan this time .

Things have come to this end. , Naturally, we won't open the red envelope .

I guess it also made my colleagues angry . Obviously , She didn't expect her relatives to charge us , And it's even higher than the market price . She was embarrassed in the middle .

Through this matter , I realize that we should think more when dealing with people :

1、 If I were a colleague , Now that everyone has bought so many things, go , I will privately remind my cousin not to charge any more . If my cousin thinks it really needs to charge some cost , I'll tell her I'll pay the money . So we don't make everyone unhappy , It also affects the relationship between colleagues .

2、 If I were a colleague's cousin , I won't charge . This is the man brought by my cousin , And I have a better relationship with her , If they come without gifts , Come to my house , Wouldn't I invite them to dinner ? My cousin is kind to me , Her friends bought so many things again , I'll be haggard if I charge again . Moreover, , These fruits grow on their own trees , This year's harvest , Better returns , There's no need to worry about this benefit , After all , Money can't buy human kindness .

3、 Later, colleagues will meet to pick fruit in the orchard , I'll think about it before I decide whether to move forward . If you decide to go , Be prepared to spend money to buy , So as to avoid similar unpleasant things .

friends , In this case , What do you think ? Do you think this money should be collected ? If you are a colleague's cousin , What would you do ?

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