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Sophie's Shanghai [97] Love Across mountains and seas

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Eyebrows and eyes with smile , Everything is lovely

Pumpkin girl's eyes “ Cat and cat party”—— Jiaozhou Road

  1. Like not a little , Love is not two or three days

Sophie just came out of Sanhe building , First came Jiaozhou Road 151 Number , I met sister Ru and they , I'm going to the company again . I happened to pass by the Korean uncle's house , I haven't eaten their tuna and laver for a long time , I'm greedy .

“안녕하세요, 아저씨!”



It's a long way out , Sophie was still smiling , Just now, Korean uncle wanted to introduce Sophie to her boyfriend , Said in the band , A Korean Europa …… Sophie likes the Korean uncles , I like the kindness of Korean uncle , Because there is a kind of connection like relatives ……

Jiaozhou Road , An ordinary old street

This is the Jiaozhou Road where Sophie lives .

There is a stupidity ( The child who loves pink fadou , schoolboy , There has never been a female friend ), There are preserved eggs ( Smart and polite , like Luna); There is a single source cafe, That's the base of Sophie's girlfriends ; There's old Mai's house , But the store manager Leo After leaving , Sophie seldom goes again ; There is a butterfly house next door , Uncle Tu Hao's rhythm , Often help a single source cafe The flowers at the bar ; And old uncle a , And the landlord's grandmother and little sister , And the uncle who runs mahjong downstairs ……

Sophie likes them very much , They also like Sophie's , It may have something to do with Sophie's character . It seems that wherever you go , From Shandong to Korea , Then to Shanghai , Sophie always meets some elders , Caress Sophie like a child , Sophie sometimes thinks she's a lucky girl , Met these people who have warmed the years .

Ru Xiaomei and dull . Jiaozhou Road 151 Number

Old mai Coffee & Bar Jiaozhou Road 149 Number

There are many old streets and famous historical streets in Shanghai , What Julu road 、 Yuyuan Road, wait , But Sophie's favorite is Jiaozhou Road , Because Jiaozhou Road , There are favorite 151 Number . Sophie really likes Jing'an Temple , There is the excitement of fireworks in the world , There is also the youth of young people , Everything blends just right ...… evening , Street Music , It is youth and dreams related to young people ; In the morning , In Jing'an Park , It's the morning exercise of the old people , Under the towering hundred year old tree , It is the deduction and continuation of the story of the previous generation and the next generation , Circle of life ……

In the evening 10 After five o'clock , Jing'an park can return to a moment of peace and quiet in its day . One day, the evening shift returned to Jing'an Temple , Sophie looked up at the big tree full of stars , Quietly made a wish . What wish did you make , Keep it a secret for the time being , But I hope I can share it with you sometime in my life , Because before the wish comes true , It's a secret that can't be said .

by the way , Changde Road is nearby , Eileen Chang's apartment is right there 02.“ occasionally , We can't tell , The wrong time or person ”

“ Only busyness and fullness can heal all sorrows .”

Sophie is doing courseware in the office , I don't know when such a lesson preparation career can end , I've been making courseware these days , Do the rhythm of blind eyes . Work is never done , But what? , The state of life must change ,9 You must insist on going to the dance room . As a girl , On the way to becoming better , You can't stop , Just because in the colorful years , Just like flowers , Time goes by , Live up to the beauty .

In the headphones 《 Your face with tears 》, Ren Xianqi , The voice , It reminds Sophie of Han Yi , A distant and familiar yearning , It should be called miss .

At the moment , Do you have someone to miss ? If you have any , Who are you missing , Who are you missing ?

It's happy to have someone to read ; however , Sometimes no one can read , It's also a good state ,“ Du Li ”, Beautiful alone , Why not ? Actually , A lot of times , We didn't deliberately miss anyone , Miss who , But in a kind of missing , No sense of landing , There is no corresponding male or female owner …… Of course , Sophie has someone she misses right now ……03. Eyebrows and eyes with smile , Years are gentle

In the Korean kitchen , The three girls talked and laughed , Laugh from time to time , Drinking rice wine ,…… The old lady look , all gone , disappear without a trace …… Forget it ,“ Korean kitchen ”, A Korean restaurant on Jiaozhou Road .

Ru Xiaomei 、 Pumpkin girl , And Sophie , They talked about their patriotism ……, Maybe from the perspective of boys who love politics and history and are knowledgeable about ancient and modern times , Their views are very simple , Even childish , Then they have nothing to blame …… No one can accuse them of their love for the country and nation , Love of life , Because they all love life 、 Fairies who respect life , They have their own good things …… Olympic Games …… All over the world ……

Out of the camera , Sophie is

The cafe is going to be redecorated , This is the last picture , As a souvenir .

Sophie was thinking ,N Years later, , Now they get together again , What kind of face will it have , What kind of life ?

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