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We can't give up on that

2021-09-01 17:12:07 Photography

I did some aerobics today , I'm sweating , good , But also tired , It's really the feeling of being old !

It seems that the days when you can play football for half a day without getting tired are still yesterday !

Sometimes if you feel fat, you'll get fat , That's it anyway !

But there will always be people with chicken blood in the circle of friends , say 35 Years old is the age when you start to get fat , But I won't be willing to , Will repeatedly tangle and resist !45 After the age of, some people begin to give up themselves , If you don't refuel , Then almost life is like this ! Hu Chihai drink , Free and unrestrained but self loathing , It's probably the way a greasy middle-aged woman looks .

Look at the weight you can't lose after the epidemic , Suddenly feel whether you have entered the stage of self giving up in advance ?

I don't think so , According to my sexy , Although I don't love beauty very much , But when it comes to giving up , I shouldn't give up too soon ! Add oil , Life is still full of youth !

Life is nothing but flowers , And a healthy and energetic body !

Cheer yourself up !

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