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Women's flower (13)

2021-09-01 17:13:44 Photography

writing / Baifuxian

      The children were in danger , For the safety of the children , Qi Xian ordered someone to put a fence around the lotus pond , The children know the horror of the lotus pond , No one goes down anymore . Just enjoying the beautiful lotus pond by the pool .

    Time past quickly. , A blink of an eye , Wang Lian 18 Year old , It rises and falls like a graceful lotus , She has finished high school in recent years , She is a girl who knows books and is polite , The Wang family is a well-known family , Matchmakers almost broke the threshold , But she didn't like it , It turned out that she had a sweetheart , Her favorite is Li Xiang, the League branch secretary of their class , Li Xiang is excellent in both character and learning , People are also handsome , tall , stately and handsome , The family condition is average , He has a positive mind , I also plan to join the revolution in Yan'an .

    One evening , Willow head on the moon , After dusk . Li Xiang asked Wang Lian to go to the river in the east of the village , He told Wang Lian what he thought , Wang Lian said :“ I support you , I'll follow you wherever you go , Let's go to Yan'an to participate in the revolution , This is it. , I'll write a letter to my brother before I go .” Li Xiang shook his lover's hand excitedly and said :“ dear , Great ! We joined the revolution ! Liberate all China !”

    Wang Lian came home , He told his parents that he wanted to go to Yan'an to participate in the revolution with Li Xiang , Mother sank her face and was the first to object :“ A girl's home , What are you running about ? It's serious to get married and live a good life !” Father smoked a few cigarettes , Slowly spit out a few smoke rings , Clear your throat and say :“ Lotus , You're old now , Many things have their own ideas , however , This is a lifetime event , Think carefully about , It's still the Republic of China , Go to Yan'an to join the revolution , Maybe it's just a matter of losing your head , I hope my baby is safe , Your brother , I can't control it , He's doing well over there now ! in my opinion , Just forget it !”

    Wang Lian said coquettishly :“ dad , Now the Kuomintang is corrupt to the core , Victory in the war of resistance against Japan is at hand , Yan'an is a revolutionary holy land that many progressive young people yearn for , I must go ! Besides, , My brother is there to take care of me , You can't rest assured ?”

      Father said reluctantly :“ alas ! Women don't stay , Stay, stay, stay and become enemies ! only ! Let you go !” Wang Lian jumped up happily and kissed her father on the cheek :“ It's better for Dad !” Mother shook her head helplessly .

      Even at night , Wang Lian wrote a letter to her brother , Soon , My brother wrote back to welcome my sister and brother-in-law to Yan'an .

    I received a reply from my brother , Wang Lian packed some luggage with Li Xiang to go to Yan'an , Before he left , With parents , Sister in law, nephew and niece say goodbye one by one , Li Xiang also broke his mouth at home and persuaded his parents and brother to allow him to go to Yan'an .

      They both walked for about a month , Just arrived in Yan'an , In Yan'an , The two of them forged a deeper friendship , Later, a simple revolutionary wedding was held under the arrangement of my brother .

( To be continued )


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