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Half of a disabled person's life

2021-09-01 17:15:30 Life journey

    On the road , The footsteps of pedestrians are in a hurry , Some people wear suits , Carrying a briefcase ; Someone held three children in two hands , There are three schoolbags hanging on his shoulder ; Someone dressed up , On high heels ……

    No one has ever noticed the beauty of dusk . It's still light , The red clouds in the West , Like a beauty with heavy makeup , It's warm . The afterglow of the sunset , Now it's like an iron star splashing around , Run in all directions , Ah Kui's face was very ruddy .

    Ah Kui put her luggage aside , Go to the window , Looking at the crowd jumping up on the ground like an ant Army , And looked at the distant sky , Suddenly , Several tears rolled down my cheeks , Tears glistening .

    Ah bin felt something shining in front of him . He moved his feet gently , Hugged ah Kui from behind , Ah Kui cried even more .

    The country school dropped out earlier , So children in the countryside don't worry about not having time to play .

    The grass on the ground next to the school is sharp , Several swallows shuttle back and forth in the wind between the banks of the lake and the Liuhe river .

    After school, , Several girls gathered together , Seems to be discussing what to play . Someone suggested that :“ Let's play hide and seek !”

    At this time , Ah Kui timidly approached the girls , The eyes are blazing , Little hands curled up , Open your mouth :“ Can I play with you ?”

    “ Go away , We don't play with half blind people !” The leading girl said contemptuously

    There was a weak voice in the crowd :“ Let her play together , She's pathetic .”

    Another girl looked at ah Kui , Close to the ear of the little friend next to me , Whisper :“ You see , Her right eye is cyan , How scary , Looks like a monster !”

    Facing strange eyes , Harsh words , Ah Kui's eyes are a little red , All the grievances in my heart ran out .

    Ah Kui turned his head , He ran away , On the way , Accidentally tripped over a stone , A fall , immediately , Tears burst out , Rustling down .

    Ah Kui patted the dirt on his clothes with his hand , Go to a stream , Wet your face with cool stream water , Shining on the lake , Wiped away the tears on his face , The redness and swelling of the eyes can't fade for a moment .

    When ah Kui walked to the door , The second brother ran over , Ask your sister if she was bullied outside ?

    Ah Kui has a smiling face , Pretend nothing :“ No, , I just fell down in the ditch slope , It hurts to tears , You see , There are still red marks on the trouser legs .”

    after one's words , Ah Kui borrowed to collect firewood from the back of the house , Quickly walked away .

    For a while , The second brother sneaked back to his room , Hide behind the window , Look inside , But I found my sister doing her homework carefully , It seems that I really worry too much .

    The second brother caught a glimpse of ah Kui's green right eye , There was a burst of sadness and heartache in my heart . I heard my mother say , Ah Kui's blind right eye , It fell from the womb .

    At that time , Father quarreled with his neighbor about something , Then he moved his hand , carelessly , Mother was pushed to the ground by her neighbor , Ah Kui's cyan right eye , It's probably because of fetal Qi . So as soon as ah Kui was born , Become disabled .

    Ah Kui in high school , Live in the big brother who runs a small business , Riding an old bike to and from school every day .

    Cicadas sing in summer , The summer steam is hard to retreat , Summer nights , The air is still dull .

    After the college entrance examination in June , Ah Kui has been holding back at home , The family thought they didn't do well in the exam , I dare not ask . Maybe only ah Kui knows , What are you worried about ?

    In the evening , There are many relatives and friends at brother's house , There are parents 、 Second brother , Even my uncle and they all came , It seems that we have to discuss big things .

    Ah Kui hid at the corner of the second floor , Stick your body on the escalator , Pico probe , Look down .

    At first , The hall was silent . After a while , The second brother got up first , Take out a piece of paper from the cloth bag , Ah Kui's eyes widened , Really see , That's really your admission notice !

    The second brother looks at the big brother opposite , With a kind of pleading tone :“ Big brother, look , The admission notice has come down , There is a college student in our family ! Let's scrape together some money , Send ah Kui to college in the city , No row ?”

    Big brother never spoke , But the sister-in-law on one side forced her to ask :“ What kind of money , How much money do you have ? Besides , Three years in high school , She has always lived with me , Now I have to pay ……”

    Looking at the aggressive sister-in-law , The second brother looks at his parents , But they seem to have no choice . My uncle bowed his head , I dare not say a word .

    The big brother on one side can't listen , Inserted a sentence :“ You need to say less !”

    thus , My sister-in-law blackened her face directly , It's getting worse , Avenue :“ Ah Kui is a disabled person , Or a girl , In college, you will still be looked down upon , I can't read anything , I can't afford this wronged money , If you want to find someone else .”

    Everyone was red in the face , I still can't take out the money .

    Ah Kui sat down on the cold stairs , Staring blankly at the light above the corner , In my heart, I just feel the light is dim .

    A week later , The second brother took a taxi to take ah Kui to the railway station .

    Ah Kui is carrying two big bags , Just as ah Kui was about to board the train , The second brother on the platform shouted :“ Ah Kui , You are the most promising person !”

    Ah Kui's body , It seems to be fixed , Until it was crowded up by the passengers behind .

    The train's whistle rumbled , Black smoke came out . Car after car , Full of hope .

    Ah Kui chose a seat by the window and sat down , Look out of the window , I can also vaguely see my second brother waving in the distance , Tears flowed down , Like a broken bead , All fall . This one don't , I don't know how long ?

    The second brother on the platform , Looking at the farther and farther train , He murmured to himself :“ Universities provided by the disabled persons' Federation , It should also be a good University .”

    Four years of University , Ah Kui seldom gets in touch with his family , I never ask my family for money , But second brother, every once in a while , Will beat hundreds of dollars to akukari .             

    Time flows away quietly , Twinkling of an eye , Ten years have passed , Ah Kui never came back once .

    “ aunt , What's the last sentence of being a hero ?” Xiongzhi holds his cell phone , While biting the pen , The desk lamp on the table emits a soft light , Reflecting the round face with ambitious pink .

    The father sitting on the wooden chair frowned , Say with a little dissatisfaction :“ You child , I don't know if my aunt has had dinner , Ask as soon as you come up , I don't know any manners .”

    From the other end of the phone :“ Second brother , Don't blame the child , The child is straightforward and lovely , I've eaten already . Xiao Xiongzhi , The next sentence should be death is also a ghost male , A poem from Song Dynasty poet Li Qingzhao , The title of the poem is 《 Summer quatrain 》, Poet Li used this poem to praise Xiang Yu , I admire his heroic spirit of generous righteousness .”

    “ Then there is also. ……” He kept asking .

    Every time Xiongzhi has doubts about his studies , Father can't help , Will call my aunt ah Kui .

    Every time ambition is asked , Will pass the cell phone to his father , Then there was a long talk between them .

      2016 In the summer , It's summer vacation , Xiongzhi followed his father to Guangzhou , One is for father's treatment , Second, I visited my aunt ah Kui by the way .

      Along the way , Father kept telling Xiongzhi , Tell him not to make a fuss when he arrives in Guangzhou , Be polite .

      Ambition always comes perfunctorily :“ dad , I got it! .”

      As soon as I entered my aunt's house , Ambition was stunned in an instant , This is less than 30 Square meters of room , Is the home of my aunt who has worked hard in Guangzhou for five or six years ?

      Father's answer , Can't help but surprise Xiongzhi again . My father said :“ Don't look at the small room , It's still rented , The average rental 4000 More !” Ambition is completely blinded .

      One room and one living room , The kitchen can hold up to two people , It's the flowers and plants planted on the balcony in that corner , Attracted ambition .

      Day , Xiongzhi accompanied his father to Nanhe Hospital , Ah Kui and ah bin both work there , Both of them majored in traditional Chinese Medicine , They all entered the same hospital for internship , It must have been in College , They're already in love .

      In the evening, when they get off work , Let's go to Guangzhou City . Everything here , For ambition , It is undoubtedly novel and beautiful .

      The night view of Guangzhou is very beautiful , Colorful and bright lights , Decorated with a monotonous night sky . The gentle evening wind , It stirs the feelings in people's hearts .

    “ Ambition , Come here , Take a picture of us !” Ah Kui shouted excitedly .

      Ambition hears the sound and looks , They were surrounded by golden light , His face was filled with a happy smile , It's a lantern corridor .

      Xiongzhi took the cell phone from a Kui , Find a good position and focus , Two people, one tall and one short , A bin is tall 1.8 Meters , Ah Kui has only 1.6 The size of rice .

      Xiongzhi turned his face , Wave your hand , Smile and say :“ You two are too stiff , Change position , or , You have a princess hug !”

      In the camera , Ah bin gently picked up ah Kui , Hold it to your chest and don't forget to bump it , Ah Kui's hands are compared , The smile is brighter than the stars , See this , Ah bin couldn't help laughing .

      In the photo , Ah Kui deliberately closed his right eye , thus , Not only does it not appear abrupt , And a little more playful and lovely !

      Play while walking , I can see you , Ah Kui and ah bin rarely go out after work , Otherwise I wouldn't be so excited .

      It's getting dark , Four people took the last bus back .

      Xiongzhi recalls the scenery along the way , From Tianhe District back to Huangpu District , Two different looks , A prosperous and warm , Another comfortable and quiet , This can be seen from the light and dark of the lamp . And when the music in Tianhe District mall hasn't stopped , Huangpu District has long been whispering night insects .

      When I came back to my aunt's house , Xiongzhi yawned a long time , In the little living room , A bin unfolds the folded bamboo bed slowly , The bamboo bed is still very new , I should have bought it not long ago . A foreign dream , A little less sweet .

      One night , Father is still taking a bath in the bathroom .

      Three people in the living room , You talked to me one by one .

      Ambitious big eyes , Keep looking at ah bin , Seems to be looking at , It seems to be struggling with something .

      finally , Ambition can't help asking :“ aunt , Uncle Bin's eyes kept turning ? It's a little strange. .”

      Ah bin explained with a smile :“ No , There's something wrong with my eyes , I was born with weak eyesight , The eyes still turn around from time to time .”

      “ Let me ask you , Why do you call it Xiongzhi ?” Ah bin asked .

      He replied with ambition and narcissism :“ You can't see it yet , I'm an ambitious man , My father wants me in the future , Can be as promising as my aunt , So he named me .”

      Ah Kui's face , Touched , But it's subtle .

      Xiongzhi asked in a tentative tone :“ You're going to live here forever ?”

      Ah Kui readily replied :“ Of course not , It's just that the wedding room hasn't been decorated yet , When the decoration is finished , We'll move in, too .”

      Ambition can't help but wonder :“ Then how did you get together , Who chased first ?”

      Ah Kui just wanted to say , Talk to me , But a sentence came :“ Time is too long , I can't remember , When you think of it one day , I'll tell you , Ok or not ?”

      Ambition pretends to be lost :“ Adults are like this , I asked my parents , They don't tell me .”

      We are talking vigorously , The father shouted :“ Ambition , Take a bath with your clothes .”

      That night , Ah Kui looked at ah Bin's broad back , assume :“ He should have liked me first .”

      Thinking back to an organizational activity in the University , The League was built in Baiyun Mountain, Guangzhou , Four people in each group , In AKI's group , Only a bin is a boy .

      When climbing , He seldom speaks , But his eyes followed ah Kui closely .

      When their eyes meet , Like an electric shock , Both of them took their eyes back .

      After a while , They looked at each other again , Seems to want to confirm something .

      When they get to the top of the mountain , It's already sunset and sunset .

      Everyone took pictures as souvenirs , Enjoy this moment of joy .

      A bin took the initiative to ask for a group photo with a Kui , Behind them , It's a rolling, wavy red glow , Ah Kui's face turned red , At this moment , Ah Kui fell in love with Hongxia .

      The long summer vacation is about to pass , School day is also approaching , Xiongzhi and his father had to say goodbye to their aunt .

      In front of the brown bus , The second brother carried his luggage in both hands , Ah Kui put his hand on his ambitious shoulder , Say... With a heavy heart :“ Ambition , When you go back, you must study hard , Only in the future can we have success , Don't live up to the name your father gave you .”

      The bus is moving forward , Slowly accelerate , Two hands out of the window , One small one big , Wave goodbye .

      Look at your cabin , Small and warm .

      Scattered luggage around 、 White walls 、 Bright lights 、 Everything is so dreamy and real !

      Ah Kui wiped the tears from her face with her hand , Turned around and hugged ah bin , Speak softly :“ Thank you !”

      Ah Kui's circle of friends is equipped with two group photos , The first one was taken during the mountaineering , The second picture was taken when moving into the new house , Two pictures , Very similar , People haven't changed , Hongxia has been , Another sentence — The first day of living in a new home .

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