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Daily work of the studio 𞓜 happy weed yard

2021-09-01 17:18:06 Photography

【 Rigengdi 954 God 】

Someone asked me if the studio was open

Well, …… I always feel like I can't see anyone

The key is this yard

But maybe for a long time

It can't see anyone ……

These days , The plants addicted to the studio can't extricate themselves , An impulse ( Or I've been thinking for a long time and can't bear it anymore ), I bought a lot of favorite plants at one go , I don't think it's enough after the layout , The next day, another pile of !

The full studio suddenly became a forest , And the largest and most beautiful one , Not enough for a day , They were moved away by discerning customers ……

From the beginning, I was scared to scream at the sight of earthworms , Up to now, just move your eyes , In the process of getting familiar with plants , Also unknowingly familiar with these ugly and terrible creatures ……

And in the process of arranging plants , Use what you have learned from reading before , Understand it better , For the effect of your own arrangement , Enjoy yourself : Although there are imperfections , But this process of exploration , It is also the process of confirming what we have learned , For how to decorate a beautiful small balcony , With personal experience .

The plants in the room are beautifully arranged , to one's heart's content , But the opposite is the yard , The yard is overgrown with weeds , Rain after rain , The weeds all over the yard grow deep to the height of the lower leg , Sister, come and have a look : I can't see the pepper seedlings I planted !

Very happy weeds , There's nothing I can do , The bug kept me away , All kinds of terrible creatures .

Two days ago, the lazy snail under the jasmine pot in the house , Scared me to put the flowerpot back as it was , Never move again , Walk around it .

So I'm really ye gonghaolong , Only indoor plants .

Plants are more enjoyable than cats , Except for insects , There are no obstacles , With flowerpots , Plant , Arrangement , trim , Collocation of different plants , How to take care of plants , Observe what they need , Gradually have experience .

The vitality of plants also makes me feel satisfied , Just mind , You can keep them well .

But what about the yard ?

It's fine , I want to spray herbicide , Then let classmate Mao take care of the plants planted , Really not line , Just try a little , Ugly is ugly , But it's also a process .

Leave the land too long , I don't know how to get close to the land .

And this week , Decided to have a cat , But do cats and plants conflict ? Another question to be solved .

New problems constantly encountered , A little solution .

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