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Finally get the lion dance logo ~

2021-09-01 17:18:13 Photography

Insufficient summer vacation balance , The child turns on the rush mode , Just finished writing the calligraphy practice note last night , I have two or three days left to report for duty . I just want to know , How does she supplement her daily reading these days 、 Good words, good sentences and summary plus an article 500 Word composition ……

Anyway , As a mother, I want to , Has fulfilled the responsibility of reminding . The child's way , Always go by yourself ; Time management and arrangement , She has to give it to herself as soon as possible , Sometimes you have to go against a wall to have a long memory .

This afternoon, , Finally the second shot of the vaccine was inoculated , It's about accomplishing one thing . The different kapok on the road has also opened , That's nice ; Sitting on my husband's motorcycle, I took pictures of the small town where we live ~

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