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The meeting of life and life

2021-09-01 17:19:05 Life journey

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When the traffic police checked the car , You didn't break the rules , You shouldn't be afraid ; You have pain , You have to hold back ; Your lover doesn't think you're working overtime when you come home late , You should explain ; Someone in the dormitory lost his necklace , You should look natural ; Someone farted at the meeting , If you didn't put it, you shouldn't blush . All the emotions , You should learn not to complain , You have to learn to manage it and master it . It's not that hard , Just be yourself , Just learn to live calmly .

You look through your friends list , Those who haven't updated articles for a long time , Or work hard to live ; Or stop writing for the sake of physical health , But to get close to nature . Occasionally turn to a few sick friends , In the past, they always insisted on updating the articles , You went to see , Some of them haven't been updated for two or three years , Some have not been updated for nearly a year , Your heart is pounding .

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Maybe they have left the world , Maybe they have recovered . They used to breathe the softest breath of life , Engrave the traces of the world with words . Just learn to adapt to all this , Everyone will be one of them in the future .

People come to the world , Destined to walk all the time , Destined to face all kinds of emotions , And facing a multifaceted life . Along the way of life , Destined to step over thorns with a smile , Destined to go through a storm , And mud and snow , Step by step on the road , Go on from generation to generation , Go all the way .

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Along the way , Life and life , The intersection of soul and soul , It's poetic , It's clear , It's healthy , It has always contained uncertainties . Meet and wipe your shoulders , separation between loved ones in life or death , There is beauty and regret , With happy tears , Together, we feel the world , Feel the soul , Feel the spirit . Like drops of spring water , Every drop has an echo , Finally into the sea , Will never dry up .

Time passes quietly , We sing our own song , Run along the curved road . At a certain station , We stopped for a short time , Each other ran to the next stop . The waves of the sea are surging in our ears , The whole sea is in my heart , At the end of life, they meet in the sea in the form of a drop of sea water .

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