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Happy pig

2021-09-01 17:19:09 Life journey

My friend joked , Her hobby is eating and sleeping .

I said you were humming .

How can a pig , I would like to be a happy pig .

It's not easy to be a happy pig in these years .

Take part in the sports meeting today , The relay didn't run fast , Skipping rope is always stuck , The horizontal bar won't hold , You can't do anything together . I'm a little ashamed , I don't dare to go out these days without any special skills .

Dare to be a happy pig .

Aren't you picky about food ? Are you hardworking ? None of this , And want to be a happy pig , The pig will be angry .

Pigs are not picky about food , What to eat . Can you do that? ? bear hardship without complaint , You can't do , You do a little more and shout that it's unfair .

Always want to live a happy pig , But live as a diligent ant , For a little food , Try your best .

So be a happy pig in mind , Scorn all difficulties , Welcome the storm with an optimistic attitude . Be a diligent ant in action , Persevere in overcoming difficulties .

2021 year 8 month 27 Japan     night     In prayer

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