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Chinese herbal medicine Botanical Garden (65)

2021-09-01 17:19:11 Life journey

The Chinese herbal medicine photographed today is called iron amaranth , Some places are also called amaranth 、 Iron amaranth . Add a word "dish" after it , In fact, it is in vain , It tastes rough , Not suitable for food , all the time , It belongs to Chinese herbal medicine .

This plant has great vitality , It's common in rural fields , Medicinal value is very wide .

Acalypha australis

Families and genera : It is an annual herb of Euphorbiaceae .

Medicinal part : Whole grass .

Medicinal value : It has the function of clearing away heat and dampness , Cool blood and detoxify , The effect of eliminating accumulation . Mainly for dysentery , Diarrhea , Vomiting blood , Epistaxis , Hematuria , bloody , ren , Infantile malnutrition , Carbuncle, furuncle, sore , Skin eczema .

external : Itchy skin 、 Skin eczema ( Wash in boiling water )、 Snake bites ( Mash fresh grass for external application . It is not used as the main medicine, but as a medicinal preparation , The effect of single use is not obvious ).

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