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Looking for something

2021-09-01 17:19:20 Life journey

Today is really a day to test me .

I seldom pack things , Often the more organized the more messy . I'm a disorganized and impatient person , Clean up once in a while , But it's harder to find , The next time I use it, I often turn the house upside down .

So a summer passed , Two black and white pieces a day T T-shirt replacement wear , Looking for autumn clothes yesterday , I found that two clothes added last year directly pressed the bottom of the box . Although you don't have to wear it under your nose , But the guy directly forgotten , They have no sense of existence .

Not mentioned in the past .

today , I've looked for the key countless times . Mingming has been holding it in his hand , But after a while, I don't know where it went , So he began to toss around . The most frightening thing is to turn to the bottom of the bag and still not , The most fortunate thing is to find it in a corner , The worst thing is that you can't find it again ……

So busy until now . Look at the made bed , It's very kind . Tonight must be a deep sleep without a dream , At the dawn of the day , It's good to be tired !

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