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Are you? Also looking forward to Saturday.

2021-09-01 17:25:03 Photography

The second day of Friday

Staring at the changing minutes and seconds of each day on the calendar .

That day began to be perfect , For example, look forward to Saturday on Friday night .

It's tomorrow , I don't want to do anything .

Turn off the alarm clock , Just want to sleep , As if I saw all the softest tenderness in my dream .

Stored enough energy , Do nothing to tidy up the messy life .

It's still early , Leave the rest to the agreed ones to talk

Everything outside is just slow , My eyes lingered on the sun , Meet you waiting at the subway station .

I won't keep you waiting , friend , I'm following the autumn wind .

In the time of a poem , After playing and singing a guitar ballad .

Looking out of the window like sleeping , The blue sky , Pedestrians , automobile , All fall into my world , Peace and tranquility cannot be separated at this moment .

You are always wandering in the city , Are you looking forward to a moment of freedom .

Let you be yourself , Let go of busyness and fatigue .

Arrange some happy things for tomorrow , There is no need to borrow time , Saturday is your most free way to live all day .

A good day to go out

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