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See yourself

2021-09-01 17:33:07 Literary frequency modulation

Afterheat flame / original

Through that glass window

See autumn coming

The falling laurel is whispering

All of a sudden , I see myself

The man with frosted temples in the mirror

Who stole the green silk

Who rolled up my loneliness

The pen in my hand can't pick up the entanglement of the night

Thoughts are like the falling flower

How much fantasy beauty

I can't beat the continuous autumn rain

Through that glass window

See the river in the rain

I paddled alone

How many dreams have been sent away

Meet you in the fireworks

Like me, full of seven emotions and six desires

Weave a beautiful bamboo fence together

The urgent heart has not been defeated by the storm

Whose scenery has the fence become

Through that glass window

See the unreal yesterday

The one with the lonely oar

I really want to carry my bags and go far away

I dreamed of the palace of literature

Dream of a happy Yulu Qiongjiang

Who knows, the leaves on the ground are cool

Who knows the smoke curling up all day

The story of the fence knocks the keyboard

Waste heat is original


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