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2021-09-01 17:33:20 Literary frequency modulation

I may be more nostalgic , Friends decades ago were still in touch , Even if it's a cell phone number , More than 20 years , Never changed . I have a long relationship , Don't give up what you've touched , It's not easy to change .

I'm interested in Jane's book “ Fall in love at first sight ”, It accompanied me through some happy people 、 Met many interesting souls . Tell the truth , In the process , I've been disappointed with Jane book several times , Plagiarism 、 Hold together and roll the drill 、 Weight and so on , I even had the idea of leaving .

can , Who made me like it ? It's like a love affair , Since I love it , You have to accept it all .

In the dark , I made some efforts , I wrote a proposal to report plagiarism twice , I have also reported it many times through Jane's letter , I also mentioned my views and suggestions on the reform of Jianshu in a private letter , Actively participated in many essay solicitation activities of Jianshu and sponsored many times , Participate in thematic editing , Recommend proofreading or something , Dig out the author of simple books , I also talked about writing skills to Xiaobai , I created my own project , Discover and collect excellent works and give appreciation ……

All in all , I want to make my first love with Jane book “ Marriage ”, I hope it will get better and better .

Of course , I still have a big opinion about Jane's book , Home page recommends a full range of hydrology , Some are few words , Some have low writing standards , Some don't know what to say ……

The home page is the portal , I'm very sad , I just saw the recruitment column of the Council , As a small part of a simple book , I hope to contribute a little through the platform , They signed up to participate in .

It reminds me of another little thing , When the shell price goes down , Jane wrote to me , Expressed concern about the future of Beijia and Jianshu . My reply is , Jane's book is more urgent than us . So when many people read empty books , I went upstream , Increased holdings of some shellfish , Became Jane's partner .

I'm probably right , This wave of Council reform , It should be the beginning of rectification .

I'm glad to see such reform , Also willing to participate , During the check-in period of one week , I also tried to recommend a few , Issue the following as required .

The angel behind , author : Leaves in purple .

My comments :

In the overwhelming text , The description of the father , Most of them use four words to annotate , Father loves like a mountain .

The description of mother is much more delicate and profound , So much so that “ Like a mountain ” Mount , It looks more than magnificent and rough .

Father's heart , Maybe you have to wait until you are a parent to understand better ? As the author describes , Gambling money 、 Rotten wine 、 be irresponsible for , Fathers are often far from perfect as mothers .

There is a detail in the article , Father to “ I ” say , He's a little afraid of me , It reminds me of a detail between me and my father , That was more than thirty years ago ? After dinner, I chatted with my friends in my room , Father sat by and listened with a smile , Occasionally insert two sentences , Of course , There is a clear gap between his ideas and ours , I forgot what he said , Suddenly it was cold .

Silence for a long time , My father said , Is it because I'm here that prevents you from talking ?

Still as dead water , My friend looks a little embarrassed , My first reaction when I heard my father say this was that I should answer , That's not the truth , Don't think too much about . But at that time, I was selfish for the face of me or my friends , After a few seconds of silence , The ghost sent two words back coldly , Yes .

I deliberately didn't go to see my father , I can still feel the smile on my father's face dissipate , He didn't speak again , Stand up silently , Out of my room .

A few years later , An accident took my father away , Then I often recall that night , In the remaining light of my eyes, my father's silent back .

In fact, for a long time , I always thought , For the rest of my life, I will have a chance to explain to him that my ruthless words that night were not my intention , Including since I was sensible , I never said those three words to him again , I love you! , But for a small reason ,“ I'm a little afraid of him ”, And has been procrastinating , Until I never had a chance to tell him .

All I know is that I love him , He loves me too , This is the legendary father's love like a mountain ? Thick and heavy , not communicative .

Recommended reasons :

The author uses hesitant 、 A pen that stops talking , It describes a father who inadvertently fell from his daughter's altar , Even if father has more unbearable , Nor can it erase the author's love for his father , In the struggle between children and women without smoking , Father finally used “ I'm afraid of you ” And his white hair fell on “ The war ” The downwind of .

Between being a parent and being a child , There are no winners , Father's love is deep , Even if it is not as bright as the words , It is also absolutely true and effective .

The author is good at thinking and exploring , It vividly interprets the subtle emotional entanglement between a delicate and contradictory son and a slightly strange father , Father's love and children's love are ignored , After reading, it makes people think deeply .

How to deal with your father , It's a problem everyone has to face , Like my regrets that I have nowhere to say .

The author gives the standard answer , Parents in , There is a place in life .

The days of parents , Please cherish , Thank the author for his wonderful sharing .

Speak for love , author : Little Joe's good time .

My comments :

All the way through the latest articles in Jane's book , No less than a hundred , Rarely seen impressive works , A few hours passed , After reading this article , The night in Jiangnan is already deep , I changed to a more comfortable position , Light a cigarette , Outside the swirling smoke , Xiao Ming stood helplessly in front of him , His low head covered his dodging eyes .

There is a child behind Xiao Ming , Cowardice , Introverted, not talkative , Half believe what adults say , Especially the words and deeds of Mr , There are many difficult to agree with , But never dare to ask . The child thought , When I grow up , I want to be a gentleman , A good gentleman who knows children , Not the Mister who misled people's children . I know the child , That was me as a child .

The relationship between people is really mysterious , The child soon grew up , The dream of being a gentleman died early , Because the child's husband said that the child's composition was copied in front of all the students in the office , If you can really write such a composition , Then our little temple can't hold your big Buddha .

The child didn't copy , But without the ability to defend , Aggrieved 、 Tears of humiliation fell on the table , It's broken .

Plagiarism is a moral problem , The child dropped out of school , Completely lost the prerequisite to be a gentleman when you grow up .

Recommended reasons : I've heard of , Children are the flowers of the motherland , Teachers are human Engineers . Flowers are beautiful , But they are young and fragile ; Teachers are sacred , A long way to go , An oversight , Enough to affect the pure heart of flowers , It can even change the rest of the flower's life .

Xiao Ming is lucky , Met a considerate teacher , If she was in front of Xiaoming's mother that day , As a rule, simply tell his mother that Xiao Ming doesn't want to read , And asked his mother to go back and do Xiao Ming's ideological work —— There's nothing wrong with that , It's just , I can almost imagine Xiao Ming when I get home , The pathetic look of bowing your head , The look of a child who did something wrong , The look of remorse and depression …… The unbearable look of his young heart .

I think , That's probably a bad result , I'm very much like the one who was criticized for plagiarizing my composition .

In this paper, the “ I ” There is no room for Xiaoming to explain , With the reason that he needs to change, he helps Xiao Ming hide his idea of not wanting to read , That moment , Xiao Ming's uneasy heart must be warm .

I dare not say what Xiaoming's future will be , I'm sure that for the rest of Xiao Ming's life , He will always remember that moment , His teacher said to his mother lightly ,“ Xiao Ming thinks these things should be washed , Take it back and wash it all ”, With him “ form a partnership ”, Helped him keep a secret enough to trigger a scolding .

Maybe , In Xiao Ming's memory , And the hibiscus that the teacher didn't notice at that time 、 Cicada sound 、 The blazing sun .

Yes , Blazing sunshine can always give people courage .

So I will see another child behind Xiao Ming , If my husband patiently asked me how I wrote that composition 、 Instead of arbitrarily saying what I copied , Most of the blazing sunlight will pass through the old windows of the spacious office refitted in the warehouse , Fall on my eyebrows and corners of my eyes , And my bright smile .

Decades have passed , Sir has gone far , It took me too long , Finally, I picked up my gratitude again , If my husband hadn't wronged me severely for plagiarizing , My fate with words will probably be very shallow , Most of them don't get the joy brought to me by words .

Thank my husband , It's just that the process is too long and tortuous , There are obvious difficulties .

I once existed like Xiao Ming , So for that sentence “ See you Monday ” Feel very deep , Well aware of the importance of a good teacher's words and deeds to a child .

Pay tribute to the teacher , Salute the author , It gives us a different experience .

My cat , Stronger than me , author : Mo Beichen .

My comments :

In the life of dog blood , There are always some boring days and nights to comfort , Like a cat .

Recommended reasons : People can't do without social , The brilliance of the occasion , But I can't avoid turning around and being alone , So a cat became a cure .

The author uses plain strokes , Write about meeting a cat 、 Company and dependence , But it makes people have “ affection ” The feeling of , The cat didn't say a word , For women , But more than a thousand words .

In the whole article , Not much about this cat “ orgasm ” Sex plot , Maybe there has always been such a cat or a dog around us , Let the warmth of people and animals have a reason to stretch . All kinds of troubles in plain life can bring people down , And the power of a cat , It can turn the tide and fall immediately .

I like such understatement , Like to believe in the rainbow after the wind and rain , The article is not long , Read it again , As if the clever cat man was crawling at my feet , Looking at the real stretch .

My wandering diary ( Next ), author : Andersen's tree and the moon .

My comments :

This is a strange …… travel ? I can't tell , In the impression , Travel notes are not written like this .

Recommended reasons : A travel note that is not like a travel note , In fashionable words , It's a soul with nowhere to put .

People and things , Come and go in a limited space , Think of something , Record what .

Tell the truth , This should be a travel note , It's clearly a travel note , But I , I heard a different taste , The scene of jumping , Yes , It seems to be a mood .

written words , specious , It's also the essence .

This article , Is worth to recommend .

Talk about the wind and moon in the kitchen : Durian flowers shine in May , author : Sea Cup

My comments :

Life needs shallow warmth , Those ordinary pomegranate flowers and ordinary eldest sister , Is the imperceptible warmth in plain life .

Recommended reasons : The author describes the plain plot in plain and simple words , Enthusiastic elder sister , Pomegranate, which is not favored by the author , In the flow of time , Quietly glowing .

Most of the time , Life will be boring , For example, an inconspicuous pomegranate , Written by the author “ Happy face ” Come on , But I saw the author of Xi Xiang from the text , Think of a sentence I often mention , With joy , The eyes are full of joy , Because the author has a happy heart , Ordinary things in your eyes , It becomes the warmth of happiness , free from arrogance and impetuosity , Gurgling by .

Life needs a sense of ceremony , Life also needs joy , Let's calm down , Through the author's eloquent words , Enjoy the quiet beauty of ordinary life .

Liantang diary (14), author : Crazy Princess .

My comments :

In the world of mortals , Have ups and downs 、 There are few groups with magnificent life , More people's life is often a chicken feather .

Life is not wonderful ? Is life interesting ? Life has meaning but no meaning ? The premise that determines the answers to these questions is basically not life itself , It lies in one's attitude towards life , Or to say , Is this person in life interesting ? Is this person in life wonderful ?

such , There are people who make a mess of a good life , It is true to live a chicken feather of life into a smile , Someone jumped off a building to commit suicide , There are also those who eat hard steamed bread and forge ahead with hope ……

Life is at hand , The meaning of life ? Crazy concubine has a pair of observant eyes and an independent way of thinking , Always find something in plain life and explore it , The various characters in the diary come and go alive , Comparable to the plot of a novel .

Her life, like most people, is not perfect , But words are a perfect outlet for her , When you complete yourself , It also makes people feel the infinite charm of words in life , So violence recommends her diary , Maybe , Readers can feel the true meaning of life from her diary .

Tell the truth , I spent a lot of time looking for these articles , Average 3 Hours / piece , On the one hand, it may be related to my own habit of doing special projects , Better lack than abuse , The project receives one or two articles a day , Strive for quality , The selection criteria are strict ; On the other hand , It also exposed a problem , Jianshu sends a lot of articles every day , But the number of fine articles is limited , I often have to read more than 100 articles to find one article , Huge workload , This involves the continuous changes of the previous Jane Book Policy , Leading to the loss of a large number of high-quality Writers . Flashiness is fragile , This phenomenon highlights the establishment of the Council 、 Dig good articles 、 Rectify the old atmosphere 、 Improve the overall writing level of the platform 、 The necessity of strengthening the original brand of Jianshu .

I'm glad to see this subtle change in Jianshu , Also willing to witness its growth and glory .

The ugly words are almost the same , Next, we need to make a statement as required , Ha , I'm really not used to this style , such as , If I became the editor of the Council column , What would you do .

Of course , The standard of receiving documents must be lowered , The key point is to find the author who can write in novice Xiaobai . Registered author of Jane book , Like the sand of the Ganges , Some well written articles are difficult to be found , There are many excellent authors , Lose confidence because no one cares about his article , There are many cases of not logging in , What we do is find them and expose them , Such a result will certainly fill Jianshu with more enthusiastic fresh blood .

Set aside one or two hours a day , Actively cooperate with the Council , My wish is to make a special and popular column , Let more people like simple books .

Finally, I couldn't help but pull a digression , For the long run , The path of Jianshu should be obviously different from that of a certain article and a certain number , Those so-called explosive articles 、 Reprint 、 Such plagiarism 、 Three or two sentences of water posts , We must crack down on , It's a long way to go , Do your , I believe Jianshu's future is infinitely beautiful .

Jane is good , It has fulfilled the wish of a loving person like me .

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