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Why don't I attend the day shift?

2021-09-01 17:34:30 Photography

Friends in Jianshu know , Jianshu has a more challenging activity . This activity must be attended by thousands of people , Because I saw behind almost everyone's nickname in Jane's book , There are signs of that day , Just different grades .

Before you know it , I have registered a Jianshu account for more than a month . But , I don't have any title or logo .

I haven't participated in any more challenges . I think writing should be based on feelings , having substance in speech . If I take writing every day as a task , It is likely to evolve into a burden , Over time, you will be physically and mentally tired , Lose interest in writing .

Day can certainly exercise one's willpower , It's a good habit to keep writing every day . But the day may not be for everyone , For example, I have a loose nature , Lazy people who don't like being bound by rules .

But from the heart , Although I have never insisted on daily change , But the total number of words I write , Not necessarily better than those who have “ Day watch 100 God ” There are few people with titles .

So what I want to say is , Japan is not the standard to judge a person's writing level , The article is more refined than more , There is no need to pursue the number of articles written .

Those who insist on being more polite day after day , We must also realize , Is your writing improving day by day ? After all, I insisted , It is necessary to truly reflect the significance of daily change .

All in all , Everyone has his own writing style and characteristics , I am a lazy man in Jane's book , But I don't think this is a disadvantage .

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