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Autumn remembrance

2021-09-01 17:34:33 Photography

There are many memories about autumn : A childish face shaking its feet on the back of a bicycle , There was a silver bell like laughter running across Tian Geng , Spread out the palm of your hand , The red leaf falling in the palm of my hand .

There are many familiar smells , Bubble into your mind and disappear one by one . Think of the faces of countless old friends , One after another . Dissipate over time . There is only so much left in autumn , I fill it with thoughts . night , After swimming with friends, stay at the top of the mountain . The night is so heavy, but I'm not sleepy , Staring at the stars that the sky has looked up to so many times , Until the sky turns white . Many years of memories were as memorable as wine on that night ! Maybe the experience of these years is nothing , I still feel I have to aftertaste , Don't regret the past, have the present results . Or don't care how many of those results deserve sorrow and joy .

Warm spring , Xia Yu , autumn frost , FLsnow . We have been quietly watching , Guarding the change of the four seasons . One more look in the crowd , some people , It must be just a passer-by .

Time goes on , Like the past and coming autumn in my life , There is no scenery worth stopping , What I want is always in front of me ......

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