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That year, the scenery I met

2021-09-01 17:34:35 Photography

You must go once in your life 318, For those who look forward to poetry and distance . The scenery in the scenic spot , Can't satisfy the picky eyes ! In a wide view along the road , Meet the scenery , There was an unexpected touch , And the touch of tapping the echo of the soul .

Made in heaven

Cattle eat grass leisurely , Blue sky and white clouds pass by , There seems to be an illusion , Made in heaven !

Red Rock Park

Shock the incoming landscape , One “ Blood Red Avenue ” Only in the sky , The feeling of seeing you again .

Red Rock Park

The meaning of being present , Not only measure the world down-to-earth , Open the world map , Enjoy the beautiful mountains, rivers and stars , Dialogue and exchange, world landscape gathering . then , Feeling that the world is worth ! From the plain to the Qinghai Tibet Plateau , Mountains and valleys , All the way 、 risk 、 most 、 beautiful 、 Male 、 Strong landscape, etc .

There are two impulses in life : A desperate love ; A walk away trip . Reckless , No results , You planned to , absolute , Just want to experience in the best years .

A starting heart , A SLR that can be carried easily , If there happens to be a partner who doesn't fall off the chain , That's better. .

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