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The present is beautiful

2021-09-01 17:39:24 Photography

In the evening , A gentle breeze , Hongxla Mantian .

The relatives in my hometown have long sleeves , And I'm here, , Bare arms also want to take off another layer .

Although the same day , Autumn in the south is so stubborn , Still enthusiastic . The afterglow faded away , Night fell everywhere , There is still no cool shadow .

The reeds swayed in the wind , The mottled light and shadow jumped in front of me , Just the wind , Listen to the hum of the waves , Even if you're sweating , I'm willing to .

The wild flowers on the shore are dotted , Different colors , Like embroidering flowers for the grass , Chic and lovely .

The small fishing boat was quietly waiting for its owner in the setting sun , The fishing boat in the distance is about to go to sea , I photographed this spectacular scene , Not only because of beauty , It is also the greatness of the working people .

Mr. Niu took the baby cows to play on the beach . He played the childhood favorite water drift game with Da Wa , The little cow piled up his own Desert Castle , And I'm , Shooting sunset .

At the moment , What I see is beautiful , The wind on my shoulder , There are twinkling stars on the wind , also , A full moon that sees all the vicissitudes of the world but says nothing ……

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