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There is no best and no worst

2021-09-01 17:56:27 Photography

No best, no worst

behind , Someone outside the person ; There are mountains outside , Overseas sea ; Worldly affairs , Without contrast, there is no emotion !

If you are only willing to focus on your strengths , Indulge in self-admiration ; Then you will end up deceiving yourself and others !

If you are only willing to focus on your shortcomings , he rooks everyone he can get his claws into ; Then you will end up black and blue !

Too much , when the moon is at its full , it begins to wane ; Learn from others' strong points and close the gap , Foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses ; Everything in the world , There is a degree ; Don't pursue perfection , Everyone's appearance has her reason ; You have many advantages for the time being , And don't be too proud ; Because arrogant soldiers will be defeated !

You have many shortcomings for the time being , Don't be too low self-esteem ; But you already know your shortcomings , You have to do your best to change yourself ; If you will , As long as you act ; Then you can give yourself a different life !

It has advantages , Doesn't mean this person is excellent ; Have shortcomings , Doesn't mean this person is bad ; The good and bad in the world , It's not unilateral ; All good and bad , It's a combination of many aspects !

Who are you now , In fact, it doesn't matter at all ; But your future …… Want to be a great person , You have to start from now on …… Make extraordinary efforts ; Because all the results , It's all a person's thoughts, thoughts and actions !

come on. !

Good night, !

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