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Shouhuang Hall

2021-09-01 18:18:26 Photography

Application for world heritage of Beijing central axis , The shouhuang hall occupied by Jingshan children's palace has restored its ancient appearance , Have a spin on the weekend

Brick gates enjoy royal style

positive , In the east , The three Western archways enclose a square

The archway is magnificent

After entering the first gate, it is also the gate of longevity

Weapons are displayed in front of the door , Show prestige . Taimiao you “ jimen ”, But the furnishings “ Halberd ” Have been swept away by imperialism . Here is also a new layout .

The second entrance is the main hall , There is an imperial stele Pavilion in the East and the West

The two side halls are the storage places of jade butterflies of the Qing Royal Family

The exhibition introduces how the royal family worshipped their ancestors , The content is very interesting .

Now more and more attention is paid to the protection of ancient buildings , Advocating the inheritance of national culture , It's a good thing .


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