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Boiled peanuts

2021-09-01 18:27:31 Life journey

The human body is the most intelligent advanced creature . When the body has a need to supplement some of the nutrients it lacks , It will send corresponding signals to us in the way of oral desire , Let's be particularly greedy for foods rich in the nutrients we need , Want to eat this kind of food .

Take Mr. XX for example , He stays up late all year round , Almost all the people who stay up late have problems , Especially severe constipation , Last time I went to the bathroom , It's good to be out in an hour .

Recently, he was almost infatuated with boiled peanuts , Come back every night , Will eat none of the peanuts I specially gave him .

Why should I cook peanuts for him ? Share it now :

Effect and function of boiled peanuts

Boiled peanuts have the function of moistening intestines and defecating 、 Lipid-lowering 、 hemostasis 、 Enhance memory .

1、 Defecate and moisten the intestines : Boiled peanuts have the effect of defecating and moistening intestines , Because peanut is rich in oil , It has good effect of moistening intestines , To some extent, it can prevent constipation .

2、 Lipid-lowering : Boiled peanuts contain unsaturated fatty acids , Lower cholesterol 、 The role of lipid-lowering , It can alleviate arteriosclerosis to a certain extent 、 Hypertension and coronary heart disease .

3、 hemostasis : Boiled peanuts have good hemostatic effect , Because it contains vitamins K It has hemostatic effect .

4、 Enhance memory : Boiled peanuts contain riboflavin 、 Niacin and other ingredients , It can promote the development of human brain cells 、 The effect of enhancing memory . Moderate consumption can delay the decline of brain function .

Appropriate crowd : Most people are suitable for proper intake .

Taboo groups : Weak intestines and stomach .

practice : To cook peanuts, soak the peanuts in warm water ( Fresh peanuts don't need to be soaked ) after , Pour into the pan , Add some water , After boiling over high heat, turn to low heat 15 About minutes , After the peanuts are cooked , Add an appropriate amount of salt to flavor according to personal taste and then eat directly .

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