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She village, a mysterious ancient village (23)

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The dance of the wind

The dance of the wind

There is a Buddhist family in Qinglong mountain villa 、 A must see restaurant , It is the little cook Longyin mountain room .

Pavilions and waterside pavilions , Bubbling streams . Longyin Mountain House selection site is quiet , I haven't come in yet , What comes into view is the calm lake and the path paved with sporadic stones , Such scenery adds a touch of seclusion to the restaurant .

Step into the hall , The overall decoration inside is Chinese style , The arrangement is very poetic , And natural scenery …… Hazy gauze curtain , Round downlight , The faint light , Bring you a simple and mysterious artistic conception , There is a sense of isolation “ Immortal ” gas .

Lean against the window , Looking out of the window by the mountains and rivers 、 An environment like a picture scroll , I didn't expect such a place in Nanjing , It's really a wonderful enjoyment .

When a breeze comes , It seems that the noise and vulgarity of the whole body have been blown away in an instant , Sit in this soothing and rare silence ……

The dance of the wind

The dance of the wind

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