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2021-09-01 18:36:08 Photography

One thought after another


The first one is fleeting

Too late to guess the intention

The second followed

No real face

The third intruded many times

Like a lion's attack

The fourth is like a monkey in a tree

Make faces and tease you


There are many more

Bitter and sweet

But with eyes closed and unconscious

At first, I only fought

To stop by force

From day to night

From the cloud to the moon

Until you're black and blue

In exchange for injury and sadness

Kill time

Add some pain

Play down interest

Lost courage

One day,

Shine your eyes

To learn to recognize the wind and rain

No longer stubborn

Step back from your original position

Can see complete beauty

To recognize those in line

Crowded thoughts

Is false

Big and small drops

Just the order of passers-by

There's no need to grab

Don't mention old things again

There will be a gentle and eternal existence

The true love

Seen in the bottom of my heart

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