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2021-09-01 18:36:45 Photography

I've been treading on the mud every day for half a year , Just get out of the house , You have to walk through the dusty ground of the community , So shoes are often covered with a thick layer of ash . Strange to say , Just after I cleaned my shoes well , The next day, the community actually hit the cement floor . Of course not. I have some magic , Because autumn is approaching , The community reconstruction project is nearing completion . In recent days, the warm house beautification project has been started , Another layer of mortar was painted on the outside of the building , The next step is to apply beautiful paint .

Starting this spring , Many workers came to our community , Remove the original cement floor , Replaced the sewage pipe , Heating pipes , And all kinds of lines in the corridor , The underground or basic difficult work has been basically completed , So now you can lay the cement floor again , I don't have to go anymore , The dust choked the earth .

Look at the experience of other communities , It should soon be paved with another layer of smooth marble on this layer of cement floor , Then draw the parking space , Build an intelligent parking lot . Then the stairs will be rebuilt , Beautify the corridor …… There is hope anyway , Everything will be finished in a month or two , Give us a warm, clean and beautiful new urban community .

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Author's words : I am the view of the four seasons !

                        Originality is my style !

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