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Night in the Development Zone

2021-09-01 18:39:06 Photography

Take your children for a walk in the street at night , See that the international financial center has begun to test the lights , The colorful colors under the lamp post bring a different flavor to the night . With this bright color , The night in the development zone is more affectionate .

Summer night when I was a child , I like lying on the roof and watching the stars all over the sky , Sometimes I fall asleep after counting , But more often than not, it is to see the lights in the distant city illuminate its sky , Then penetrate the distance and see “ Hazy ”. Right then “ Why not grow up ” This matter is very distressing , At that time, I thought I could break free when I grew up , Look at the stars wherever you like . The fact proved that , Children's thinking is really strange .

Night tour

After work , Spent some time in Tianjin . Remember after work , We 5,6 A little friend likes walking in the dark , Look at the eye of Tianjin on the Haihe River 、 Look for... In the care style area “ Foreign flavor ”, Count “ Porcelain house ” How much porcelain is there on the …… Yes , The longing for a better life is our goal . In a strange city , The night has given us a lot of courage , Say go you go , Towards better .

The first time I went to the development zone was 2008 year , It is said that both sides of Xiaomei River were still a paradise for barbecue lovers , In summer, when you are full of wine and food, lift your legs and go , Few people care about the garbage left behind . There is no way to verify the authenticity of this matter , But at that time, the open space east of the brain hospital , Far from today's Zhenhua 、 Contemporary 、 The buildings brought by red star meikaidong . Of course , And what was built not long ago “ Chopsticks and balls ”. At night, , Really as the old saying goes ,“ dark , I can't touch anyone ”.

The official website of the Development Zone introduces itself in this way ,”1995 Construction started in ,2013 year 3 In June, it was approved as a national economic and Technological Development Zone by the State Council ”” As the forefront of Liaocheng's economic development 、 An important window for opening to the outside world , According to the municipal Party committee “ Strive for the first class , Walk in the front ” The requirements of , Take the reform of the system and mechanism of the development zone as an opportunity , Based on the new development stage 、 Implement the new development concept 、 Integrating into the new development pattern , Focus on cohesion, double moves and double introductions , We will continue to deepen opening to the outside world , We will foster new drivers of growth , Realize the high-tech development of traditional industries 、 Scale of emerging industries 、 Modern service facilities , It has risen to be the most dynamic city in Luxi 、 A high-end industrial cluster with development potential and investment value .” In summary ,“ I was born late , But I grow fast , Now the body is fat and strong , Don't underestimate me .”

In a spiral upward trend , The night in the development zone is now gradually brightening up .

On the square of the Civic Service Center , Square dance starts every night as promised 、 The roller skating club opens on time 、 The children's favorite amusement trampoline is never idle …… Everyone is busy , It's also fun to play .

In contemporary international , Girls like to wave their hands with Nocturnes , Untidy rhythm . Hold a food festival from time to time 、 Pinshihui , The night is also very lively .

In Jiuhe community , Wanghong cold drink 、 Egg filled pancake 、 Beijing Roast Duck 、 Secret sauce …… Taste buds bloom . Yes, of course , In groups 、 Try the ferrule 、 It's also good to rub a beautiful makeup . Especially the 24 A 24-hour restaurant , Give a lot of games a good place to go .

Everything is getting better , I hope beauty is not absent .

yesterday , Xue Ge sent a picture of a circle of friends after seeing the lights on in the financial center , rider “ Is the remote dadongtou going to be prosperous ?” I replied with :“ To rise up !”

“ When I began to enjoy the darkness , I still look forward to the dawn .” The next many years , The night in the development zone is more eye-catching , Let's hold hands 、 Witness side by side .

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