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                                                  Bamboo wind

      After Zhang Gan, a fierce general of the national army, was captured, he said , Only two strange people can read the book of changes , One is him , The other is Mao Zedong .

        Zhang Gan is the backbone General of the Guangxi Department of the Kuomintang , Guilin people in Guangxi , Graduated from Guangxi army crash school , After studying at the Army University .1938 year 6 month 21 He served as the commander of the seventh army of the Guangxi ace army in Japan , And led the Ministry to participate in the Wuhan battle , Fight with dates ,1939 year 11 month 13 Japanese lieutenant general .1939 In, he served as deputy commander in chief of the 21st group army , Deputy commander of the seventh appeasement District .1948 year , Zhang Gan was promoted to the main force of the Guangxi Army —— Commander of the third Corps , And led the troops to participate in the Yangtze River defense war .1949 year 9 month , Zhang Gan was lucky to win a small battle in qingshuping, Hunan , This is the only victory of the Kuomintang army on the mainland since the Huaihai Campaign , As a result, Zhang Gan was promoted to deputy director of the office of the chief military and political officer in Central China .

      Zhang Gan is a freak , Lifelong superstition of Feng Shui divination . When commanding thousands of troops in the National Army , Zhang Gan in military uniform , Often use the compass as a magic weapon to play with in public . It is said that whether he marched, fought or deployed , We should put a compass in the defense area to see feng shui , Even take a seat at every meeting , Also look at the compass to make sure the seat is facing . Legend has it that “ Compass ” love me , love my dog , Even the first-class soldier who has been carrying the compass for him for many years , He was promoted to major rank by rank . thus , His immediate boss “ Small various ge ” Bai Chongxi nicknamed him “ General compass ”.

      1949 year 12 month 1 Japan , Zhang Gan was captured by the PLA in Bobai, Guangxi , Later, he was detained in Beijing Gongdelin war criminals Rehabilitation Center . In the transformation of Gongdelin war criminals , Zhang Gan asked to buy a Book of changes , And talk freely in front of managers who don't understand Zhouyi , It is said that the book of changes is a wonderful book through the ages , And mysteriously tell managers , This book can be read by only two wonders in China today . The administrator asked which two people , Zhang Gan pointed to his nose and said ,“ He ”. The administrator asked the other one , Zhang Gan shook his head and said proudly :“ Mao Zedong ”. Luo Ruiqing, Minister of public security, and Zhou Enlai reported to Mao Zedong , Luo Ruiqing relayed Zhang Gan's words :“ Mao Zedong has read the book of changes , otherwise , He can't write a theory of contradiction ”. Mao Zedong laughed and said :“ The Guangxi scholar praised me . You can buy Zhang Gan a Book of changes . But this book , There have always been many versions , More miscellaneous , There are many fallacies . Please tell ”, Mao Zedong suggested that he , If you want to buy it, buy the Qianlong version , Zhang Gan at that time , Can go out and buy books ? But the great man said , He has books to read , And it should really be the Qianlong version !

    Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai 、 Fu Zuoyi had a chat during the break of the Yellow River water conservancy Conference , MAO zedong asked :“ How did Zhang Gan read the book of changes ?”. Fu Zuoyi then said that he knew Zhang Gan , Holding a compass all day , Shake your head and tail when you talk . Zhou Enlai said ,“ Other war criminals criticized Zhang Gan during the discussion ”.

    Mao Zedong said :“ Transformation refers to the ideological position , Whatever other people's hobbies do , The book of changes has not been confiscated !” Zhou Enlai replied :“ The book was not confiscated , But people say he is rumor and sophistry , And punish him ”. Mao Zedong said on the spot :“ Hu Lai ”. Zhou Enlai continued :“ Comrade Luo Ruiqing has stopped ”.

      At Gongdelin war criminals reform Center , Drunk as a war criminal, he asked Zhang Gan , Since you believe in divination so much , Divination is so effective , Why are you still captured , Zhang Gan argued calmly :“ This is God's will , Irreparable . King Wen is good at divination , Still imprisoned for a hundred days , How about our generation !”.

      Zhang Gan 1959 Died in Beijing in , At the age of 62 year . His clothes tomb was moved by his children to the ancestral Tomb of Zhangjia, his hometown in Guilin , And the cemetery , It was also selected by Zhang Gan with a compass “ Fengshui treasure land ”.

The sky is blue and the earth is wide

        Zhang Gan reads Yi , It can be said that I have read it all my life , The hardest time , And the glory of a great man covered him , Make him readable , Tangible and traceable , In fact, the original Yi has no words , Only graphics , King Wen of Zhou was not a writer of the book of changes , He just saw through 、 I see , Just express it in the words of that time , The original book of changes , Originated in ancient times .

          Zhou Yi Mi Lun Tiandi , Chemical Education in China , It is the source of Chinese culture , The ancestor of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism , Even Chinese Buddhism , His thought is also unparalleled , Yang Zhenning said , Therefore, science and technology did not sprout and thrive in the East , Because the study is easy , It can be seen that he also studied the book of changes deeply .

      Zhang Gan completed his life , I haven't seen Chairman Mao , He died soon after the amnesty , Little Zhuge Bai Chongxi set up an ambush in qingshuping , Let the four fields 146 The teacher suffered a great loss , But let Lin Biao touch the main force of his Guangxi Department , In the stormy KMT Communist duel , How can a small victory change the overall situation ? Zhang Gan is Zhang Gan of the Kuomintang , Little Zhuge's love will , Chiang Kai Shek's life-saving straw , But the great man's care for him is self-evident , These people seem to be in the heart , Mao Zedong is well aware of the book of changes and has more wonderful hair , He directed the rivers and mountains to stir up words 、 In those days, thousands of people lived in the dung , He created an era , And in the times “ Middle water , Wave halt the swift boat ”, He is the Savior of the Chinese nation , Zhang Gan, who has read the book of changes, should have seen these early , Early for rice and sorghum , Instead of being imprisoned by the tide of anti history , It seems that he just knows , No deep understanding !

    Every time Chinese society is poor, weak and dying , There are heroes who save the people from water and fire , The so-called five hundred years produce a saint , If it weren't for Mao Zedong , I'm afraid the Chinese revolution will have to explore for many years , The people make history , Or heroes make history , Chairman Mao said that the people are heroes , It is the people who created history , Count the celebrities , Look at the present , The people are contemporary romantic figures , The hall veranda is so big , Inlay the sun and the moon , Who can cover ?

          sweep 、 Prone to , The blue sea flows , Fang Xian is a hero , The depth of water can call the abyss , Pinghu has a considerable Autumn Moon , Natural landscape is also called social landscape , Are easy to get objects .

        Young people complain about small individuals , I ask you , Have you ever thought about water drops ?

        What is a drop of water ? A scoop of water , What is a bucket of water ?

      So a river 、 A lake of water 、 The sea and the ocean .

      The sea has no wind and three feet of waves , When you climb high, you can see the distant wave level !

      You don't integrate yourself into rivers, seas, lakes and rivers , You don't “ It will be the worst ”, You don't think about it , You just appreciate your exquisiteness 、 Fragrance floating , You don't love crispy, who loves crispy ? Oblique and shallow 、 Messy in the wind doesn't specifically refer to plum blossoms , Sometimes it can also be compared to people !

Ancient road people are rare

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