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Passing by the mountain city of Chongqing

2021-09-01 18:40:43 Life journey

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My daughter is going to school , Although it's not the first time she's been away , however , After all, it's going to college in a strange city , I'll take her personally . I went to college here , You don't need a gift from your parents , My husband went to Wuhan, the provincial capital, to study at university , In those days, boys were eager to wander alone , I took a sleeper car for more than ten hours to Wuhan with my luggage on my back , Deal with all kinds of things at school alone .

In ancient times, people went to study far away 、 It's even harder to catch up with the exam , I remember Mr. Su Dongpo wrote a poem :“ Remember the rugged past ? The road men trapped jian donkeys ”, Recalling the difficult journey to Beijing to catch up with the exam . At that time, Su Xun 、 Su shi 、 Su Zhe and his son went to Bianjing from Meizhou, Sichuan , travelling , mountain , Pass by Gushan , People are tired and horses die , Finally, he rode a little donkey , All the way up and down , It was not until I got to Mianchi that I was able to rest , You can imagine the hardships .

And now the traffic is developed , train 、 The plane 、 Cars can reach their destination quickly , however , The epidemic has not been completely extinguished , There are many uncertain factors along the way , At the same time, the mother is worried , She went to the southern city alone , I'm really a little worried , I always had nightmares a few days ago , I'm afraid it's not safe for my daughter to go out .

Actually , I'm worried about nothing , The daughter prepares herself in all aspects , To Guangzhou 、 The routes in Shenzhen are well arranged . Because the domestic epidemic has not been completely cleared , In order not to turn the green code of your health code into yellow code , She's from Chongqing , And avoided Wuhan, which is slightly more risky .

Enshi is very close to Chongqing , It's only more than two hours by bullet train . We'll leave in the afternoon , We arrived at Chongqing north railway station before dark in the evening . We have been to Chongqing many times , I remember when I first came to Chongqing more than ten years ago when I worked in the Central Hospital , The unit organized collective activities and contracted a bus to come here for Red Education .

I also remember eating hot pot with my colleagues at the street stall that night 、 Drink a beer , Eat late , The busy streets have been very quiet , There are only three of us under the orange street lights in the whole street . The work of front-line doctors is very hard , It's really rare to come out and relax like this , So after all these years , I still remember the original situation clearly .

Later, I went to Chongqing Wulong Tiankeng ground fissure 、 Le and Le Du 、 Happy Valley, etc , When my daughter was little , We often take her to Chongqing to play , She has no memory , Today, I feel like I'm the first to come to this beautiful mountain city , Continuously greening the city 、 Ginkgo trees on both sides of the street 、 Gorgeous flowers 、 A tall building with unique shape 、 Flyover 、 Light rail 、 The underground tunnel is waiting to marvel , My daughter is full of strange feelings about the city .

It's just that there are some traffic jams at the weekend , This is actually much better than the traffic jam when I first came to this mountain city . At that time, the whole mountain road was full of cars , Like a huge fire dragon , Around the mountain , It's really spectacular .

Like Chongqing, Enshi is a mountain city , Houses are built against the mountain , however , Chongqing is a municipality directly under the central government , There are too many tall buildings , There are subway and light rail , With the prosperity of modern cities . The city has a rich cultural heritage , What impresses me most is that after the outbreak of the war of resistance against Japan , The national government moved west to Chongqing , On 1937 year 11 Chongqing was designated as the wartime capital , here , Chongqing was the wartime capital of the Republic of China .

Enshi was also the wartime capital city of Hubei Province during the Anti Japanese war , I think the reason why mountain city can be the central city during the war , Because there are mountains , You can dig a lot of bomb shelters , At that time, the Japanese kept bombing , Cover many civilians , It ensures the safety of the people .

It's almost 20 years since I first came to Chongqing , Chongqing has changed from a dilapidated mountain city to an international metropolis , The whole city is full of Modernity , Especially the night scenery along the Yangtze River is really charming . Bridges fly across the banks , Commercial buildings are shining with color .

What impressed me most when I came to Chongqing , It's the light rail that goes through the building . There is a popular saying on the Internet “ Chongqing Light Rail crosses the building , Chongqing men wear hearts ”. You can see everywhere in the streets along the river , Let you feel the light rail roaring over your head at a close distance . It's really shocking .

After dinner in the evening , My daughter and I were walking by the river , Many people are still running on the sidewalk along the river , It's cool in Chongqing today , It's only 20 degrees , It's cool by the river , There is a hint of autumn . We passed Hongya cave on the way , Hongya cave at night is like a palace in the sky in the brilliant lights , We stood opposite and looked at Hongya Cave , You can enjoy the whole picture of Hongya Cave . Every few steps , There will be different perspectives . There are many people taking photos with Hongya cave as the background , It's really beautiful , I couldn't help taking some pictures .

I remember director Zhang Yibai's 《 Passing through your whole world 》 It shows a lot of Chongqing scenery , Hongya cave is one of them , Very impressive . Hongyadong folk custom area is the only area in the city center to show the traditional folk customs of Bayu . He and Chaotianmen square 、 Jiefangbei business district has jointly formed the most popular tourist punch in resort in Chongqing .

“ HongYa hole ” Inject the ancient architectural art of Diaojiaolou in Bayu into a new cultural concept ; Perfect integration with river scenery and urban style , With 75 The extraordinary drop of meters , Up the cliff , High and low 、 According to the mountain . It condenses Chongqing's unique Bayu folk culture 、 The architectural culture of mountain folk houses 、 Dock culture in one , Become a high-profile , Unique and beautiful city card .

Now , Hongyadong folk style area with continuous heating up , With its unique humanistic connotation and bright architectural characteristics , It has become second only to the Forbidden City , Domestic and foreign tourists rush to punch in 、 stop 、 Visit Chongqing's landmark scenic spot . But the epidemic some time ago had some impact on the tourism industry here , Not as lively as before , We can see from a distance that many restaurants are not open . We walked all the way , Marvel at the beauty of Chongqing night scenery all the way .

Back to our B & B , This is the river view room , stay 37 floor , We've never lived in such a tall building , The walls are floor glass , A Yangtze River is under our feet , On the opposite side are the high-rise buildings , What a million lights , Telling the story of Chongqing in front of us . There are busy streets across the river , It's very small , On the right is a bridge hanging across the Yangtze River like a huge white chain .

My daughter was very excited as soon as she came back , Because there's a huge bathtub , You can take a bath while enjoying the river scenery , And I sat by the French window and looked at the scenery below . People with acrophobia dare not go near the window , Maybe standing by the window will be dizzy . But I looked at the long river as if it had solidified in the night , The lamppost on the shore is reflected on the water . The water is so calm , How can you imagine the torrent of the Yangtze River under the water , Rolling eastward ?

The excitement of her daughter passed in a moment , After taking a bath, I can't sleep in bed , He said that as soon as he went out, he began to miss his hometown , I miss my family , Miss the cat Xiaoyuan at home . After all, this summer vacation has three months , After staying at home for a long time, I naturally don't want to go out . But young people are ambitious , Be brave to travel around the world , Pursue your dreams in a wider world .

I've been out for a long time these years , Its unique beauty can be found in every city , Although hometown is the most beautiful in my heart , But it doesn't affect my appreciation of the unique beauty of other cities . My footprints are all over many cities in China , Every city has engraved deep traces in my heart . The customs of every place 、 The unique landscape is unforgettable to me . Even if you just pass by from Chongqing , There is no chance to live and taste , But the amazing beauty of Chongqing also amazed my daughter and me .

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