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How to avoid danger?

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First of all, it should be clear , Now remember things , It's not the golden season . therefore , Systematic recall method should be adopted to make the memory reach the best state , Get the best results . secondly , Every three days in the three months before the exam will affect the future , Every month determines success or failure , And every day 、 Every hour 、 Every minute 、 Every second breeds the seeds of the future , therefore , When you take out any drop of time , Will find the ratio of red to white ! Now? , The most dangerous time has come , It's time for every second to shine . Don't envy others , You should make others envy you . Of course , Nor proud of the envy of others .

Let's see how history evaluates a person , And draw nutrition from it , Understand the mystery :“ He is such a person , Not intimidated by hardship , Not intoxicated by success , He made unremitting progress towards his great goal ”,“ Reconcile stern measures with the brilliance of kindness , Illuminate the scene blinded by enthusiasm with a humorous smile , modesty 、 Simply do his great work ”,“ In a word , He is a man who has succeeded in becoming great without losing his goodness ”.

The more you stand in danger , The more you need confidence and courage . Actually , There is no danger in the world , Just when you fight for your career , Will be in danger , But as long as you keep moving forward bravely , The danger is left behind by you .

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