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Whisper (33)

2021-09-01 18:44:08 Life journey

Some experience of marriage and love

1、 Just live together . The mind 、 Just forget your thoughts , A strange dream in the same bed is real 、 The general situation . for instance , Live to 30 year , How many close friends do you have ? If there is no or very little , Why is daughter-in-law a soul mate ?

2、 Here's the real story : Even if it's bad , Also try to adjust in a good direction .

3、 Life is the touchstone , You can't see through the love stage .

4、 Learn to compromise , Because you are not alone .

5、 Lower standards , Give up unreasonable demands , It's easier to succeed .

        Two business ideas .1、 Set up vending machines in each community , Selling laundry detergent 、 The shampoo 、 Disinfectant, etc .2、 Engage in small-scale agricultural machinery leasing in some major agricultural producing areas in Yunnan , Such as Lu Liang 、 Auspicious clouds 、 Tonghai and other places .

       《 The Travels of Lao Can 》 in , There are two types of ancient scholars , One is the examination type , It is mainly based on teaching materials and exercises , Like four books and five classics 、 Exam introduction, etc , One is mainly engaged in culture and art such as poetry, songs and fu , Lao can takes the third way , No exam , Don't write useless words , Specializing in industry , By the way, write down 《 The Travels of Lao Can 》, Only literary achievements , The old and disabled are far more than most of the first two categories .

        Introduction to salted duck egg business . Analysis can be seen , The cost of salted duck eggs mainly depends on the cost of raw materials and transportation cost of duck eggs , The transportation cost can be increased by increasing the transportation volume , Reduce to 0.1 element / Below , The price of duck egg raw materials can also be purchased in batches 、 Negotiate a lower price , But the price reduction space is limited . Analysis can be seen , Retail price by vegetable market , The profit of salted duck eggs is 0.5-6 element / individual . Because the profit is small , It's not worth doing this business without large sales . The main sales channels are :1、 Online sales ,2、 Vegetable market stall sales ,3、 Sell to restaurants and other places with high consumption .

        The business of reselling second-hand printers from provincial capitals to prefectures .

        Printer sold to prefectures , Idea can . however , To whom ? The government 、 State-owned enterprise , Probably won't buy second-hand goods . Large private enterprises , Probably not , Small private enterprises may .

      And a little bit more , Most small private enterprises , Printer used , A few thousand dollars is enough , The tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands you said can't be used at all , Even if it's used , People will print this part of the business , Find a printing studio in the society to solve , People configure common printers , Hundreds of dollars , One or two thousand .

      Expensive printer , Ordinary units will not be configured at all , One reason is the low level of operation , Easy to break down , Maintenance fees are too high , It's thousands of dollars .

        Second hand goods , It's a good business in theory , But it's hard to operate . such as , The furniture of those houses demolished in the provincial capital 、 Electrical appliances or something , Sold to prefectures 、 Remote place .

          The problem is , Affordable people , People don't want to buy second-hand , What you can't afford may not even be second-hand , People are still struggling to survive , I don't want to improve my life , Money will be used where it matters .

          however , For second-hand goods , You can use this pattern —— Break down the product , Sell parts at different prices . It's like selling pigs , You can sell it all , You can also kill , Segment selling , PigHead 、 Pig feet 、 Pigtail 、 Spareribs ……. You can also refurbish second-hand sales , The sales channel is the network, not the physical store , The typical model is to catch more fish selling second-hand books .

          History needs construction 、 precipitation . Nanjing Youjie , Chiang Kai Shek wanted to please his daughter-in-law , Planted the French Wutong she love. , It was probably an ordinary street , Now known as Wutong tree. , There is also a street in Kunming, which is famous for its Jacaranda . The same is true of Rural Revitalization , Even a village without characteristics , It can also be built , At least clean 、 Neatness can be done , You can do this by planting flowers and plants .

          The poor countryside fell into a strange circle , The family of the previous generation was poor → The next generation is not good at reading → The living environment of the next generation is poor → The next generation is poor →(1) Poor cycle ,(2) Never married .

        Y There are three conditions for the formation of storms :1、 Be caught off guard , Rapid spread of events ,2、 Upper allowable diffusion ,3、 There are resources , Diffusion channel . thus , Can be observed on the Internet , What types of events are zero tolerance 、 Low tolerance 、 High tolerance . Zero tolerance 、 The existence of low tolerance , It shows that the whole ecology is not completely open or free , To some extent, it affects the wind direction , such as , High tolerance for entertainment events , To some extent, it encourages entertainment to death .

      The baby likes eating very much , Keep eating , It will stop in two cases ,1、 Shit ,2、 I'm full .

      There is no such thing as time , Depends on what you put in to do list in .

      There is a view in the book of the 15th year of Wanli that there was a lack of statistical data on administrative management in ancient China . In reality , The basic level , It's too hard at the village level . low level , There are many things , understaffed , low wages . It's very different from company management , In the company , Both the manager and the managed are highly educated , communicate 、 The problem was solved quite quickly . The village committee is not like this , Right , Dealing directly with ordinary people , First , The level of ordinary people is generally low , secondly , The level of the village committee is not good , Right up , Deal with the town government , The town is full-time government staff , Serious administration , A lot of information is based on materials 、 Form requirements for statistical data , The village committee belongs to the state of half government staff and half farmers , Can't keep up with the office rhythm of the government . for instance , For example, the village committee should count the list of people who are going to college , You can only call one family to ask . If it's a company , Send a shared document in the group and you can fill it out .

        Years after graduation , Real estate is the best chance to get rich , But I didn't catch it . at that time , If I had bought one 4 Room house , It's easier now . Better buy it then 2 Set up a house , The term of the loan 30 year , Life is also very comfortable . The reason is , First, I don't understand , second , If you understand , Dare you make such a big decision ?

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