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[reading poetry] Du Mu Ji (when praising sages and stabbing) 1 ~ 5

2021-09-01 18:44:13 Life journey

1. Park in Qinhuai

Smoke cage cold water moon cage sand , Night park Qinhuai near the restaurant .

Business women don't know how to die , Across the river, you still sing backyard flowers .

Notes on nine songs :

A vague sentence , Combine the following sentences , This painting seems to contain the vicissitudes of history . Carry forward sentences have a sense of picture , heavy .2. Li gives min two songs in the matter ( firstly )

A chapter is sealed in the soap bag , The imperial court has an ancient style .

Yuan Li went to return to Lun's school , Jiang Chong came to see the dog platform palace .

The different days startle the ages , Zhu Yin was almost empty .

The crooked will not , The beach is now a fisherman .

Notes on nine songs :

Praise Li Min's noble character , And have insight into crisis . The Chinese couplet is used in allusion , Li Min is comparable to Li Ying . The tail couplet “ take precautions against a possible danger ” Praise Li Min's insight .

This couplet is a combination of positive and negative codes , About the neck couplet ( The change of nectar ) Form a couplet ( Running water is good for ).3. Li gives min two songs in the matter ( second )

Late hair is stuffy and combed , I remember you drunk in autumn .

Poor captain Liu , Zeng Suishi Zhongshu .

Growth and decline are different things , Benevolence and virtue are free .

Because of Lu Bao's theory , Where is my house ?

Notes on nine songs :

Chinese couplets use allusions to become flowing water , miao ! Liu Xiaowei is better than Li min . The neck couplet is also a pair of flowing water .4. Shangshan Fushui post

The origin of profit and foolishness is not perceived as virtuous , Finally, we must go south to hang Xiangchuan .

At that time, it was discussed that Zhu Yunxiao , The sound of future generations hangs in the daytime .

Evil sycophants spit in their face every time they think , The poor chief owes a cup of money .

The post name cannot be easily changed , Those who stay alert to the sky are alert .

Notes on nine songs :

The first couplet is Ji Yan 、 Jia Yi , Chin couplet Zhu Yun , All use allusions , Yibiyang city . You're right .

Notes to Chinese good poetry :

Yangcheng (736—805), The word Kangzong , beiping ( Now Beiping, Hebei ) people . Jinshi and later hid in Zhongtiao Mountain . At that time, Dezong was called to advise the doctor . Taste sparse Lu Zhi , Force Pei Yanling to enter the phase , There's a straight sound . Change the country's subsidiary industry , The governor of Daozhou . Running the people is like running the family , The tax can't be as large as , Observation makes a number of responsibilities , Because he abandoned his official position and went back . Du Mu went to Beijing this time as Zuo Bu que , Also a remonstrating Officer , The purpose of this poem is to imitate Yangcheng , Take it as your duty to dare to speak out .5. Early goose

The golden river opens in autumn , Outside the clouds, I was shocked and scattered in sorrow .

The fairy's palm moon shines alone , The long door lamp whispered .

It should be noted that Huqi are , Do you follow the spring breeze one by one .

Don't be tired of Xiaoxiang's place with few people , Wild rice, shore berry moss .

Notes on nine songs :

The pain of the fall of the northern territory . It says wild goose , Realistic love , To express one's ambition through material things . Tail couplet self forgiveness .

Qingheshang 《 Wine garden poetry 》:

This poem “ It seems to be a work of sustenance ”, A word to the point .

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