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Jinling fried dough sticks

2021-09-01 18:47:10 Photography

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When it comes to fried dough sticks, only Jinling fried dough sticks are delicious , It's not like using smelly powder to make craft in Guangzhou .

The fried dough sticks here actually use fuqiangfu , egg , salad oil , salt , Mix it with a little baking soda and water , Don't rub , You can only use this technique , It's not hard to come out like this , Fried fritters are crisp . Generally, fried dough noodles are refrigerated in the normal temperature refrigerator for one day , Be fully awake .

When frying, the oil temperature was seven layers , That is, cooking at high oil temperature . Pay attention to long chopsticks in the oil pan and keep rolling , Heat it evenly .

Change the four sections of the knife out of the pot , that will do .

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