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Two "candid photos" 76 years apart are straight to the heart: This is the truth you should know most in 2021

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The unrest in Afghanistan , It's proven again :
We don't live in an age of peace , But lucky to live in a peaceful country .
Every child should cherish what he has today , keep one 's head above water , Make yourself better as soon as possible .

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Dear boy :

Mother saw a picture on the Internet yesterday , The feeling is very deep .

2013 year 12 month 1 Japan , In the suburb of Jalalabad, Nangarhar province, Afghanistan , The students took classes in an open-air classroom in a refugee camp .( The xinhua news agency / New law / chart )

This photograph is called 《 Afghan schools 》 .
You can't think of , The scene in the picture is a primary school classroom in Afghanistan , There is no classroom here , There are no chairs , No textbooks ……
The children sat on an old cloth and listened , There is desolation behind me , Not far away is the battlefield filled with gunsmoke .  
These children are clearly under threat to their lives , Obviously, the family may break down and die in the next second , But now everyone's faces are full of concentration .
Speaking of Afghanistan , You may not know the recent situation in this country .
Just a few days ago , Because of the Afghan civil war , overnight , This already turbulent country , The fate has undergone earth shaking changes ……
People rushed frantically to the airport , Risk falling to death to climb onto the plane , Trying to leave this “ a hell on earth ”.  
The city is full of displaced refugees , Behind empty eyes , It's all confusion about the future .
But the children of Afghanistan , Even in chaos , But still maintain the thirst for knowledge .
See their class photos , I can't help thinking about the past 84 A similar old photo years ago .
This is a 1937 In, a teacher of southwest United University stood on the temporary podium to teach everyone .
China at that time , We are also in an age of war , The tragedy at that time was worse than that in Afghanistan today .
In order to avoid the war in the war of resistance against Japan , Keep the fire of Chinese Education , Peking University, 、 Tsinghua University 、 Private Nankai University jointly established a temporary University —— The famous “ Southwest Associated University ”.
The teaching conditions at that time were extremely poor , The school buildings are only rows of thatched houses .
The hardest part is , Everyone's lives are always threatened , From time to time, the alarm of Japanese bombing will ring through the whole campus .
 picture Picture source : The documentary 《 Southwest Associated University 》
Although the two photos are separated 76 year , But they all have a common theme :
War and learning .
children , You were born in peace , My father and I have always tried our best to create excellent happiness for you 、 A carefree life .
But , Today, mom wants to tell you :
Not all children , Can have a stable and good learning environment like you .
you All the resources we have now —— A spacious classroom 、 Bright windows 、 Comfortable tables and chairs …… These are hard won .
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children , You know what? ?
The world is not only peaceful and beautiful , Where you can't see , And killing 、 violence 、 wander ……
I remember the Chinese New Year , You like the dazzling fireworks best , Always holding me for a long time .
But for children in some countries , those “ The fireworks ”, It represents war 、 Death 、 bloody 、 slaughter ……
Some children , I haven't had a good look at this beautiful world , He died in his father's arms .
Some children witnessed their parents killed , But only with hatred and a disabled body , Lying in bed in despair ;
These helpless children cried to the camera :
What did we do wrong ? Just want a drink , It will be bombed again and again .”
Yeah , What did these innocent children do wrong ?
They should have been like you , Stay in a warm home , Eating delicious food , Enjoy the careful care of your parents .
But , When the horn of war rings , Alive , For them is the biggest extravagant hope .
My mother once saw a group on the Internet about “ War and Peace ” Comparison of :  
Some children , Wearing delicate and lovely clothes , About to participate in a lively party ;
Some children , But covered in blood and bandages , Suffering unimaginable pain .
Some children sit on the seesaw , Play carefree with your parents ;
Some children , But sitting alone on the ruins , The only hope , You can see the sun rising tomorrow .
Some children , Wearing soft and beautiful clothes , With a smile ;
Some children have just lost their parents , With fear , Hugging the little bear that the volunteer gave her —— This is her only relative in the world .
Some children , Sit in the warm and bright classroom and speak , His face is full of confident and bright smiles ;
Some children , But forced to pick up a pistol , In order to protect the lives of themselves and their families, they rushed to the battlefield ……
Some children , Sleep soundly on the soft bed at home ;
Some children were hit by air strikes , Blood all over , No anger , Go to another place forever in dad's grief ……
children , You don't live in a peaceful age , You are just lucky to be born in a peaceful country .
The stable life you have , But they can never expect “ Happy heaven ”.
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children , Do you remember the half of the summer vacation , One night you stayed up late playing games , When I found out , I couldn't help but rush in and say a lot about you .

at that time You have a temper , Pushed me out of the door , And claimed :
“ I just don't want to learn , Just want to play , Leave me alone !
Do you know how painful mother's heart was ?
today , Mom can tell you , I am not only heartache for your lack of progress , More sad for those children who stick to their studies in the war .
children , You know , You have all the facilities now 、 Cutting edge technology 、 Carefree learning conditions , How many children want it ?
Many war areas , The children's classroom was badly damaged in the air raid .
The children sat in the classroom full of holes , Still don't forget to listen carefully , Raise your hands and ask questions .
In Syria , Because many schools can't use it normally , The children had to cram into a makeshift tent for class .
Not even a tent , Children can only line up next to the public bus to take turns in class .
As long as there is spare space , Children can use it as a temporary classroom .
Why are these children in such difficult conditions , Still working so hard ?
Because they didn't give up because of the war , They still have dreams and hopes for the future .
Some children want to be writers in the future , Some want to be painters , Some want to be surgeons 、 The police ……
A math teacher in an underground classroom in Yemen once lamented :
“ We can't imagine how to teach children well under such circumstances . But we must work hard for the next generation , Because they deserve a better future .”
The gunfire in the distance continued , The displaced children are still working hard for their dreams , children , Why don't you work hard ?
The ancestors of the motherland used their lives and blood , Created such a good learning environment for you , Why don't you work hard ?
You have the best teacher now 、 The most comfortable classroom 、 Care about your parents most , Why don't you work hard ?
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children , That's true. , Learning is really hard work .

You just went to grade two , There are eight or nine classes every day , Sometimes I even have to study for two nights ;

Weekends are often crowded with all kinds of homework , Even if you have a summer vacation, you can't relax , Often get up early and rush to all kinds of make-up classes ;

Even in addition to learning textbook knowledge , You also have to develop various interests 、 Extracurricular skills ……

Mother grew up in the countryside , The school is in a town more than ten miles away from my home , I don't get to... Every day 5 Get up at o'clock , Walk an hour and a half to school .
Especially in winter , The cold wind is biting. , I often get sores on my hands and feet .
At that time, the school didn't provide meals , Mom's lunch every day is directly loaded with leftovers from home , Have a cold meal directly at noon .
The classroom is also made of mud , When it rains, water begins to seep , There is no fan in summer , We crowded into the cramped and stuffy classroom , Sweating with heat , Surrounded by mosquitoes and insects .
There are only three or four teachers in the whole school , Every teacher should teach many subjects at the same time 、 Students in multiple grades .  
At that time , I have only one idea , That is to study hard , Try to go out .
Go out and see the great rivers and mountains of the motherland , Whatever you do is good , Be a valuable person .
children , You know what? ? Everything you have now —— A classroom with air conditioning on 、 Good teachers , There are also convenient online classes , A few decades ago, my mother dared not think of it .
You say you study hard , Can you be as bitter as your mother at that time ?
Time goes on to 84 Years ago , Students of southwest United University 40 Individuals crowded into narrow temporary dormitories , There are no lights in the room , We read by the light outside the window .
Eat every day “ Eight Delicacies Rice ” There is only red rice in the 、 Barnyardgrass 、 millet , Mixed with sand and mouse shit .
You say learning is difficult , Can you be as difficult as our ancestors at that time ?
children , Now is the happiest time , Your age is the best time to study .
And youth is never used to play , It's for fighting .
I remember watching the National Day parade last year , You look excited , Say you want to be a pilot in the future , Also want to fly under the blue sky of the motherland , protect our homes and defend our country .
and , After that , You also bought a model of a fighter , Put it on your desk .
children , Mom, I'm glad you have your own dreams and goals .
But , The road to dreams , It's never easy ; The process of pursuing dreams , It's always full of thorns .
from now on , You have to work hard , Study hard , Try to improve yourself , Learn to arm yourself with self-discipline and persistence .
Through three winters and four summers , Through the long loneliness , Plum blossoms can be seen after the snow is over .
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children , Mom said so much to you today , In fact, thousands of words can be combined into two words : cherish .

Cherish the present stable and peaceful life , Cherish your superior learning conditions now , Cherish your best fighting time .
Life on earth , Only know how to cherish , Deserve a better life .
Mom, I hope you can understand my words , Be a tough 、 diligence 、 Strive 、 Self disciplined people .
Mom doesn't ask you to achieve much in the future , But please be able to work hard towards your goal , Shine in the position you love , Become a nation 、 People of value to society .
Only so , When you look back decades later , I won't regret today .
A strong youth is a strong country , Youth wisdom is national wisdom ;
Youth's freedom is the country's freedom , The progress of youth is the progress of the country .
children , The future of the motherland belongs to your generation , Run forward bravely !
Remember , Mom loves you forever .
Lighten up “ Looking at ” , May every child cherish the time , exert oneself .


This article comes from the boy school (ID: boy666dj). Dry goods for raising boys , There are... Here ; About the bitterness and sweetness of raising boys , I know everything here . There are little boys at home , Welcome to boy pie .


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