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Feeling of summer

2021-09-01 18:48:41 Life journey

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Linjiang fairy • Feeling

The summer heat is not gone, and autumn is shallow , Light cold, happy morning and evening . Rain and flowers gently wipe away the face . Little money lotus leaf Exhibition , It's hard to say goodbye .

Don't tell me how much you know , Cranes fly in the clear sky . The old edge and the new owner are noisy and beautiful . The mountains and rivers are maturing , Blue fall Red Maple Company .

【 Hezhu body 】

Five Laws • New image

There is a trace of heat hiding , The cicada's breath sounds slightly .

Peeping forest hawks sacrifice birds , Zhaoyan gufengqi .

I smell the words of the devil , Look at wild geese flying high in the sky .

Xiaofeng is very cool , Yan Zixuan returned in the Qing Dynasty .

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