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It was written on the peach plum garden post on August 27

2021-09-01 18:48:46 Life journey

I feel hungry when I get to the dam , Spent eight dollars on a sausage . Sit, sit , Looked at the new buds of Osmanthus . Suddenly I thought of riding around to the opposite peach and plum garden . Look at the time , yes 17:47, Look at the sunset time 18:45. You can get there before sunset . Then pedal on the car , Step on it , Riding to the peach and plum garden in one breath . Gasping for breath , At first glance, the time is 18:25. Probably 16 km 40 minute , This is my fastest speed .

Sit on the post and rest . Surrounded by green mountains , Weiyi lake green water . There are gray clouds across the sky , The blue sky is like a shame to see people .

Think of a long time ago , Also intend to ride a lap at full speed , Remember it was 45 minute . By contrast , The former giante was lighter than the current sidson . I still want to ride 318. But I know I can't go if I want to . Actually , It's not difficult. . The difficulty lies in one word of money . If not burdened by the reality of money , I can start tomorrow . Why do you want to ride 318 Well ? Think about it carefully : I want to see the scenery on the road , Another kind of scenery . In my mind , The blood rushed up , I wish I could go right away . My character , Is like a person on the road . so to speak , I enjoy this life . As for happiness and unhappiness , How others see whether they understand , No kidding , I don't care . Say it , I'm so fucking disgusted with real personnel .

I went to have my hair cut . every time , All hope to have a new beginning . It's just , White hair like halberd , Bright poked at the temples , It's hard to hide . Look at yourself , What a frown , Green water ……

It's autumn . The skin can really feel the cool taste of autumn . I think , What kind of life is the ideal life ? It's simple , It's just about the landscape ! No need to go to work , You don't have to see those faces . But , Where is the Peach Blossom Land in the world ?

Some friends say , In my heart . Say of is also . But , Sometimes I think it's just a lie to myself . Happiness is short , Life is also very short . What if I wander in the mountains and rivers every day ? Are you happy to be satisfied ? Think about it , Can't give a positive answer .

Written on the post of peach and plum garden .

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