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When I woke up, I was very happy

2021-09-01 18:52:25 Photography


Thank goodness , Have dinner with a heart , I found joy .

Two months of living alone has separated me from the earthly rush , Occasionally mixed with a touch of tension , Engraved with a wisp of impulsive emotion , Some joy came out 、 Excited mood .

If anyone asks me ,“ How have you been these two months , What kind of mood do you have ?” I will answer that I am guilty mixed with gratitude .

There's more guilt , And can't be ignored or despised , Because of the guilt embedded in my heart, everything becomes more grateful .

The best start , The most beautiful confession , Now is the best time .

Man , Man , Always have to catch up , Strive towards the direction and target point , Looking at the road far away , So as to have more courage to say , Yeah , I am willing to .

I'm glad to have two reminders in this process , Inspired by two people , So for the future , You can say more clearly, firmly and forcefully , Yeah , Wait .

Don't be too restrained , Don't be too perfunctory .


Before life experience is full , Listen carefully , It's like listening to the roar of the sinking of the Titanic , Listen to the echo of the bell at the end of the century , We're all on our way , We're all looking for .

Fortunately, , I have found the , I found her , I met her , I ran to her in the morning .

Maybe one day , We danced , We spread our wings and soared , We gallop the blue sky , We wandered everywhere .

Don't worry about confusion , Don't care about the darkness , Don't care about anxiety . Because she's in , She is the best gift in the world ; She's around , Is all the romance in the world .

I am looking forward to it , I long for , Light and heat , Heaven and earth , Letters and poems . For her , I have a desire to go to the light , The world won't be too lonely for me , Such a life makes me happy .

The moon is full again , Flow crystal rippling fine lotus .

Don't be embarrassed , Don't be sad .

Everything in the world is not flat , Like water , No matter how calm the water is, there are ripples moving , Everything moves .

In order to run towards you, exercise is like running , To get closer , It's like reviewing an old dream from beginning to end , The beauty of your heart and your mind , Run closer to you .

Day by day , The world warms up .

Hold your hand , Work hard !

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