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2021-09-01 18:56:27 Photography

Talk about my photography every day ……

Thinking about the idea of photography 🧐……

My friends who like photography have heard of , Photography is an art of learning to use up , Although everyone knows , In real application, everyone's understanding is different .

I really like the scene of daguangbi , In the daily process of sweeping the street , I will deliberately look for , I look forward to the light , Maybe I can't tell you what kind of light and shadow I like , But when I found out , I will feel a burst of joy , Seize the time to capture that moving moment .

For example, most photography lovers know that the golden or blue moment before and after sunrise and sunset is a good moment to find the right light and shadow , The reason is also very simple , Whenever sunrise or sunset , The angle between sunlight and the ground is relatively small , The relative sunlight will also be softer , The camera doesn't take too much effort to record , You can capture the moment you want with your heart .

Today's picture shows a time waiting for a traffic light , I saw that the outer wall of the opposite building was surrounded by golden sunshine , It's a warm feeling , The repeated exterior wall lines form a sense of rhythm , Orderly interpretation of the afterglow of the sunset brings everyone different experience .

Okay , Today's sharing is here , Looking forward to tomorrow ……

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