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2021-09-01 18:57:33 Photography

Since I came into this world , There are so many regrets , Maybe God gave me a bad fate , I've been working hard , Always wanted to change and create it , Not for long .

from 2011 year 7 Months to now 2021 year 8 End of month , Shenzhen is basically a journey I can't go back to , And I saw a lot of hope before , I have done many so-called high positions , Also experienced a lot of sophistication . Now it seems that , Life is only a short time , A stoop , Blink of an eye .30 I've reached the age of , Life is so fragile , But you still have to try to live for yourself , There is always a good side to society , There is also a bad side .

Once the sea for water , If you want to get through today , Only accept the arrangement of reality , Time hammers ,200% Efforts , You can start from 14 Get more experience from 100 million people , Earn a lot of money , In order to live in Shenzhen , Now I still haven't met the right person , I hope the middle-aged and handsome me , Strive for today ten years later , Can let Shenzhen city government under my feet , The sun smiled at me , The sea smiled at me , Moon Star , All the animals and plants in the ecological environment can give me a bright sunshine hug , Accept me 89 The last bus after . come on. (ง •̀_•́)ง

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