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Echo music. Male pelvis

2021-09-01 18:57:35 Life journey

( Immortal seclusion )

writing / chrysanthemum

Towering peaks .

Cliffs face the wind .

Dragon waterfall flying Canyon ,

Towering momentum is like a rainbow .

【 Ci Lin Zhengyun 】 First part . Li Jingbo

( Xin Chou lived in Xianju mountain in eastern Zhejiang in the summer )

【 Male pelvis 】 May the name of the tribute bowl , Xianju County, eastern Zhejiang Province , It's surrounded by green mountains 、 Ancient villages with emerald peaks . Located at an altitude 600 Dozens of high mountain families above meters , So far, there is no highway , This small village like a paradise , To this day still retains the ancient way of life , Can see the tools used by old people , And old cattle in captivity .

Enjoy with it , For insight !

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